IC Detector Volt 3.2V ODRN 5SSOP

Semiconductor Voltage Detector ICs

ROHM Semiconductor (Passive)

This presentation will discuss some of the common applications, features, and the part numbering convention.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of Voltages MonitoredAvailable QuantityView Details
BD45232G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.3V 200MS 5SSOPBD45232G-TRIC RESET OD 2.3V 200MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset15487 - Immediate
BD45232G-TR product page link
BD45235G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.3V 50MS 5SSOPBD45235G-TRIC RESET OD 2.3V 50MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset14410 - Immediate
BD45235G-TR product page link
BD45252G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.5V 200MS 5SSOPBD45252G-TRIC RESET OD 2.5V 200MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset14430 - Immediate
BD45252G-TR product page link
BD45241G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.4V 100MS 5SSOPBD45241G-TRIC RESET OD 2.4V 100MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset12445 - Immediate
BD45241G-TR product page link
BD45262G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.6V 200MS 5SSOPBD45262G-TRIC RESET OD 2.6V 200MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset12107 - Immediate
BD45262G-TR product page link
BD45255G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.5V 50MS 5SSOPBD45255G-TRIC RESET OD 2.5V 50MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset12102 - Immediate
BD45255G-TR product page link
BD45251G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.5V 100MS 5SSOPBD45251G-TRIC RESET OD 2.5V 100MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset11607 - Immediate
BD45251G-TR product page link
BD45231G-TR datasheet linkIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V TMR 5SSOPBD45231G-TRIC DETECTOR VOLT 2.3V TMR 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset11551 - Immediate
BD45231G-TR product page link
BD45242G-TR datasheet linkIC RESET OD 2.4V 200MS 5SSOPBD45242G-TRIC RESET OD 2.4V 200MS 5SSOPCut Tape (CT)Simple Reset/Power-On Reset10BD45242G-TR product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-11-13