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Resistor Products Overview

ROHM Semiconductor (Passive)

The purpose of this product training module is to provide an overview of ROHM Semiconductors’ resistor products. Additionally, an introduction of the KTR, ESR, LTR, PML, TRR and PMR series will be covered including highlights and key features of each family.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingResistanceToleranceAvailable QuantityView Details
PMR25HZPJV1L0 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 5% 1W 1210PMR25HZPJV1L0RES 0.001 OHM 5% 1W 1210Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±5%7537 - Immediate
PMR25HZPJV1L0 product page link
PMR10EZPJV2L0 datasheet linkRES 0.002 OHM 5% 1/2W 0805PMR10EZPJV2L0RES 0.002 OHM 5% 1/2W 0805Cut Tape (CT)2 mOhms±5%18068 - Immediate
PMR10EZPJV2L0 product page link
PMR10EZPFV2L00 datasheet linkRES 0.002 OHM 1% 1/2W 0805PMR10EZPFV2L00RES 0.002 OHM 1% 1/2W 0805Cut Tape (CT)2 mOhms±1%87651 - Immediate
PMR10EZPFV2L00 product page link
PMR100HZPFV1L00 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 2W 2512PMR100HZPFV1L00RES 0.001 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±1%10475 - Immediate
PMR100HZPFV1L00 product page link
PMR50HZPJV1L0 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 5% 1W 2010PMR50HZPJV1L0RES 0.001 OHM 5% 1W 2010Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±5%1001 - Immediate
PMR50HZPJV1L0 product page link
PMR100HZPJV1L0 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 5% 2W 2512PMR100HZPJV1L0RES 0.001 OHM 5% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±5%2402 - Immediate
PMR100HZPJV1L0 product page link
PMR25HZPFV1L00 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 1W 1210PMR25HZPFV1L00RES 0.001 OHM 1% 1W 1210Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±1%1748 - Immediate
PMR25HZPFV1L00 product page link
PMR50HZPFV1L00 datasheet linkRES 0.001 OHM 1% 1W 2010PMR50HZPFV1L00RES 0.001 OHM 1% 1W 2010Cut Tape (CT)1 mOhms±1%1372 - Immediate
PMR50HZPFV1L00 product page link
PMR100HZPFV1L50 datasheet linkRES 0.0015 OHM 1% 2W 2512PMR100HZPFV1L50RES 0.0015 OHM 1% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)1.5 mOhms±1%0PMR100HZPFV1L50 product page link
PMR100HZPJV1L5 datasheet linkRES 0.0015 OHM 5% 2W 2512PMR100HZPJV1L5RES 0.0015 OHM 5% 2W 2512Cut Tape (CT)1.5 mOhms±5%0PMR100HZPJV1L5 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-07-08
PTM Updated on: 2014-10-24