Surface Mount Antennas

Pulse Electronics Corporation

This tutorial will discuss the selection of the appropriate surface mount antenna for the device or application.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequency GroupFrequency (Center/Band)Available QuantityView Details
W3008C datasheet linkANTENNA WIRELESS EXTERNAL 2.4GHZW3008CANTENNA WIRELESS EXTERNAL 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz6000 - Immediate
W3008C product page link
W3010 datasheet linkANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZW3010ANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.575GHz9834 - Immediate
W3010 product page link
W3113 datasheet linkANTENNA HELICAL ISM 900MHZ SMDW3113ANTENNA HELICAL ISM 900MHZ SMDUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)900MHz6419 - Immediate
W3113 product page link
W3006 datasheet linkANTENNA WLAN DUALBAND CERAM CHIPW3006ANTENNA WLAN DUALBAND CERAM CHIPUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz), SHF (f > 4 GHz)2.4GHz, 5.5GHz3146 - Immediate
W3006 product page link
W3070 datasheet linkANTENNA CERAMIC DUAL BANDW3070ANTENNA CERAMIC DUAL BANDUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)900MHz, 1.8GHz9200 - Immediate
W3070 product page link
W3127 datasheet linkANTENNA ISM HELICALW3127ANTENNA ISM HELICALUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)433MHz9612 - Immediate
W3127 product page link
W3011A datasheet linkANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZW3011AANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.575GHz5254 - Immediate
W3011A product page link
W3110 datasheet linkANTENNA HELICAL GPS 1.575GHZ SMDW3110ANTENNA HELICAL GPS 1.575GHZ SMDUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.575GHz3638 - Immediate
W3110 product page link
W3013 datasheet linkANTENNA CERAMIC ISM 868MHZW3013ANTENNA CERAMIC ISM 868MHZUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)868MHz3129 - Immediate
W3013 product page link
W3012 datasheet linkANTENNA CERAMIC ISM 900MHZW3012ANTENNA CERAMIC ISM 900MHZUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)900MHz3165 - Immediate
W3012 product page link
W3108 datasheet linkANTENNA HELICAL WIFI 2.4GHZ SMDW3108ANTENNA HELICAL WIFI 2.4GHZ SMDUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz7832 - Immediate
W3108 product page link
W3016 datasheet linkANTENNA CER MONOPOLE ISM 868MHZW3016ANTENNA CER MONOPOLE ISM 868MHZUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)868MHz5583 - Immediate
W3016 product page link
W3008 product page link
W3009 datasheet linkANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZW3009ANTENNA GPS CERAMIC 1.575GHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.575GHz1416 - Immediate
W3009 product page link
W3112A datasheet linkANTENNA HELICAL ISM 900MHZ SMDW3112AANTENNA HELICAL ISM 900MHZ SMDUHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz)900MHz715 - Immediate
W3112A product page link
W3022 datasheet linkANTENNA DECT CERAM 1.88-1.93GHZW3022ANTENNA DECT CERAM 1.88-1.93GHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.9GHz819 - Immediate
W3022 product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable QuantityView Details
W3010-K datasheet linkKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAW3010-KKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAAntenna1575.42MHzW301030 - Immediate
W3010-K product page link
W3008C-K datasheet linkKIT BLUETOOTH CERAMIC ANTENNAW3008C-KKIT BLUETOOTH CERAMIC ANTENNAAntenna2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHzW3008C36 - Immediate
W3008C-K product page link
W3006-K datasheet linkKIT DUAL BAND CERAMIC EVALW3006-KKIT DUAL BAND CERAMIC EVALAntenna2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz, 5.15GHz ~ 5.85GHzW300633 - Immediate
W3006-K product page link
W3011A-K datasheet linkKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAW3011A-KKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAAntenna1575.42MHzW3011A33 - Immediate
W3011A-K product page link
W3012-K datasheet linkKIT CERAMIC ANTENNAW3012-KKIT CERAMIC ANTENNAAntenna902MHz ~ 928MHzW301228 - Immediate
W3012-K product page link
W3113-K datasheet linkKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAW3113-KKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAAntenna902MHz ~ 928MHzW31138 - Immediate
W3113-K product page link
W3108-K datasheet linkKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAW3108-KKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAAntenna902MHz ~ 928MHzW310810 - Immediate
W3108-K product page link
W3112A-K datasheet linkKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAW3112A-KKIT HELICAL SMD ANTENNAAntenna902MHz ~ 928MHzW3112A2 - Immediate
W3112A-K product page link
W3009-K datasheet linkKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAW3009-KKIT GPS CERAMIC CHIP ANTENNAAntenna1575.42MHzW30090W3009-K product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-01-24