6.1 Series of IGBTs

NX-Series of IGBTs Overview

Powerex Inc

This presentation will introduce Powerex’s NX series of IGBTs, a subset of their broad range of standard IGBT module offerings. It will discuss the product features and benefits, and provide a comparison of the NX series devices and competitors’ devices. The tutorial will review the product lineups and highlight the VLA536-01R, a complete gate driver assembly designed to mount directly to the 1200 volt NX-M dual IGBT modules.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
IGBT MOD 1200V 450A 3400WCM450DX-24SIGBT MOD 1200V 450A 3400W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 300A 1850WCM300DX-24S1IGBT MOD 1200V 300A 1850W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 450A 2775WCM450DX-24S1IGBT MOD 1200V 450A 2775W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 200A 1500WCM200DX-24SIGBT MOD 1200V 200A 1500W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 100A 750WCM100RX-24SIGBT MOD 1200V 100A 750W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 100A 625WCM100TX-24S1IGBT MOD 1200V 100A 625W16 - ImmediateView Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 150A 935WCM150TX-24S1IGBT MOD 1200V 150A 935W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 150A 1150WCM150RX-24SIGBT MOD 1200V 150A 1150W0View Details
IGBT MOD 1200V 225A 1250WCM225DX-24S1IGBT MOD 1200V 225A 1250W1 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2014-04-09