Transistor PNP 1A 12V SOT-723

Low Vce(sat) BJT Power Savings

ON Semiconductor

This module will provide information on how low VCE(sat) BJTs can be used as an alternative to standard MOSFETs in applications.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTransistor TypeCurrent - Collector (Ic) (Max)Available QuantityView Details
NSS60600MZ4T1G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 60V 6A SOT-223NSS60600MZ4T1GTRANS PNP 60V 6A SOT-223Cut Tape (CT)PNP6A26736 - Immediate
NSS60600MZ4T1G product page link
NSS12100XV6T1G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 12V 1A SOT-563NSS12100XV6T1GTRANS PNP 12V 1A SOT-563Cut Tape (CT)PNP1A9740 - Immediate
NSS12100XV6T1G product page link
NSS35200MR6T1G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 35V 2A TSOP-6NSS35200MR6T1GTRANS PNP 35V 2A TSOP-6Cut Tape (CT)PNP2A8184 - Immediate
NSS35200MR6T1G product page link
NSS20200LT1G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 20V 2A SOT-23NSS20200LT1GTRANS PNP 20V 2A SOT-23Cut Tape (CT)PNP2A1350 - Immediate
NSS20200LT1G product page link
NSS12100M3T5G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 12V 1A SOT-723NSS12100M3T5GTRANS PNP 12V 1A SOT-723Cut Tape (CT)PNP1A12815 - Immediate
112000 - Factory Stock
NSS12100M3T5G product page link
NSS12500UW3T2G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 12V 5A 3-WDFNNSS12500UW3T2GTRANS PNP 12V 5A 3-WDFNCut Tape (CT)PNP5A523 - Immediate
NSS12500UW3T2G product page link
NSS60600MZ4T3G datasheet linkTRANS PNP 60V 6A SOT-223NSS60600MZ4T3GTRANS PNP 60V 6A SOT-223Tape & Reel (TR)PNP6A0NSS60600MZ4T3G product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-07