BEI15 Series

BEI15 Series Isolated 15W Wide Input Bipolar DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This tutorial will introduce the 15W, BEI15 Series and its wide input voltage, bipolar output, and isolation features. These products were developed as a smaller, more efficient, lower cost alternative to the 1” x 2”  converter products.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityView Details
BEI15-150-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBEI15-150-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2963 - Immediate
BEI15-150-Q12P-C product page link
BEI15-050-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBEI15-050-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module2605 - Immediate
BEI15-050-Q12P-C product page link
BEI15-150-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBEI15-150-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2426 - Immediate
BEI15-150-Q48P-C product page link
BEI15-120-Q12P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBEI15-120-Q12P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module2706 - Immediate
BEI15-120-Q12P-C product page link
BEI15-150-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBEI15-150-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2121 - Immediate
BEI15-150-Q48N-C product page link
BEI15-150-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WBEI15-150-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15WIsolated Module2161 - Immediate
BEI15-150-Q12N-C product page link
BEI15-120-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBEI15-120-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module2369 - Immediate
BEI15-120-Q48P-C product page link
BEI15-050-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBEI15-050-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module268 - Immediate
BEI15-050-Q48N-C product page link
BEI15-050-Q48P-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBEI15-050-Q48P-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module2100 - Immediate
BEI15-050-Q48P-C product page link
BEI15-050-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WBEI15-050-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 15WIsolated Module268 - Immediate
BEI15-050-Q12N-C product page link
BEI15-120-Q48N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBEI15-120-Q48N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module220 - Immediate
BEI15-120-Q48N-C product page link
BEI15-120-Q12N-C datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WBEI15-120-Q12N-CDC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15WIsolated Module221 - Immediate
BEI15-120-Q12N-C product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-06-01