1.20MM WTB Header Vertical 4POS


Molex Connector Corporation

This module will provide an overview of the Pico-EZmate low profile, compact wire-to-board connection system.
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0781710002 datasheet link1.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 2POS07817100021.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 2POS79127 - Immediate
0781710002 product page link
0781710004 datasheet link1.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 4POS07817100041.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 4POS43364 - Immediate
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0781720410 datasheet link1.2MM WTB RECEPT CRIMP TERM H>F07817204101.2MM WTB RECEPT CRIMP TERM H>F117369 - Immediate
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0781720002 datasheet link1.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN CKT0207817200021.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN CKT02111674 - Immediate
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0781720003 datasheet link1.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN 3CKT07817200031.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN 3CKT71009 - Immediate
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0781720004 datasheet link1.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN CKT0407817200041.20MM WTB RECEPT CONN CKT0425731 - Immediate
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0781720005 datasheet link1.20MM WTB RECPT HOUSING 5POS07817200051.20MM WTB RECPT HOUSING 5POS67270 - Immediate
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0781725006 datasheet link1.2 W/B REC CRIMP HSG 6CKT07817250061.2 W/B REC CRIMP HSG 6CKT31167 - Immediate
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0781710005 datasheet link1.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 5POS07817100051.20MM WTB HEADER VERT 5POS37401 - Immediate
0781710005 product page link
PTM Published on: 2010-12-01