PCI Express Edge Card Connector

PCI Express Connectors

Molex Connector Corporation

This tutorial introduces Molex’s PCI Express connectors and gives an overview of some of their main features.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCard TypeGenderAvailable QuantityView Details
0877159106 datasheet linkCONN PCI EXP FEMALE 64POS 0.0390877159106CONN PCI EXP FEMALE 64POS 0.039TrayPCI Express™Female2978 - Immediate
0877159106 product page link
0877159006 datasheet linkCONN PCI EXP FEMALE 36POS 0.0390877159006CONN PCI EXP FEMALE 36POS 0.039TrayPCI Express™Female1707 - Immediate
0877159006 product page link
0877159206 datasheet linkCONN PCI EXP FEMALE 98POS 0.0390877159206CONN PCI EXP FEMALE 98POS 0.039TrayPCI Express™Female3115 - Immediate
0877159206 product page link
0877159306 datasheet linkCONN PCI EXP FEMALE 164POS 0.0390877159306CONN PCI EXP FEMALE 164POS 0.039TrayPCI Express™Female827 - Immediate
0877159306 product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-11-02