MCP20xx LIN Transceiver Overview

Microchip Technology

This module will look at two parts from Microchip, the MCP202XA and MCP2050, and the applications, part portfolio and the ordering information for each part.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeProtocolAvailable QuantityView Details
MCP2021-500E/SN datasheet linkIC LIN TXRX ON-BOARD VREG 8SOICMCP2021-500E/SNIC LIN TXRX ON-BOARD VREG 8SOICTubeTransceiverLIN23845 - Immediate
MCP2021-500E/SN product page link
MCP2003A-E/SN datasheet linkIC TXRX STAND-ALONE 8-SOICMCP2003A-E/SNIC TXRX STAND-ALONE 8-SOICTubeTransceiverLIN2279 - Immediate
MCP2003A-E/SN product page link
MCP2021A-330E/SN datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 8-SOICMCP2021A-330E/SNIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 8-SOICTubeTransceiverLIN1028 - Immediate
MCP2021A-330E/SN product page link
MCP2003-E/P datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 8DIPMCP2003-E/PIC TXRX LIN 8DIPTubeTransceiverLIN404 - Immediate
MCP2003-E/P product page link
MCP2003-E/MD datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 8DFNMCP2003-E/MDIC TXRX LIN 8DFNTubeTransceiverLIN202 - Immediate
MCP2003-E/MD product page link
MCP2021A-330E/MD datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 8-DFNMCP2021A-330E/MDIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 8-DFNTubeTransceiverLIN85 - Immediate
MCP2021A-330E/MD product page link
MCP2022A-500E/ST datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 5.0V LDO 14-TSSOPMCP2022A-500E/STIC TXRX LIN 5.0V LDO 14-TSSOPTubeTransceiverLIN122 - Immediate
MCP2022A-500E/ST product page link
MCP2022A-330E/SL datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 14-SOICMCP2022A-330E/SLIC TXRX LIN 3.3V LDO 14-SOICTubeTransceiverLIN0MCP2022A-330E/SL product page link
MCP2050-500E/SL datasheet linkIC TXRX LIN 5.0V LDO/WWDT 14SOICMCP2050-500E/SLIC TXRX LIN 5.0V LDO/WWDT 14SOICTubeTransceiverLIN0MCP2050-500E/SL product page link
MCP2022-330E/SL datasheet linkIC LIN TXRX 3.3V 50MA 14-SOICMCP2022-330E/SLIC LIN TXRX 3.3V 50MA 14-SOICTubeTransceiverLIN6 - Immediate
MCP2022-330E/SL product page link
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Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable QuantityView Details
AC164130-2 datasheet linkDAUGHTER BOARD CAN/LIN PICTAILAC164130-2DAUGHTER BOARD CAN/LIN PICTAILInterface, CAN, ECAN LINNoMCP2021, MCP255119 - Immediate
AC164130-2 product page link
APGRD004 datasheet linkREF DESIGN MOD AUTO AMBNT LIGHTAPGRD004REF DESIGN MOD AUTO AMBNT LIGHTLighting, RGB LED ControllerYes, MCU, 8-BitMCP2021, PIC12F6152 - Immediate
APGRD004 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-06