IC MCU 16bit 64KB Flash 64TQFP

Graphics LCD System and PIC24 Interface

Microchip Technology

This tutorial explains graphics LCD system operation, specifications, and use with PIC24 devices.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable QuantityView Details
PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 32KB FLASH 28SSOPPIC24FJ32GA002-I/SSIC MCU 16BIT 32KB FLASH 28SSOPTubePIC16-Bit1046 - Immediate
PIC24FJ32GA002-I/SS product page link
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28QFNPIC24FJ64GA002-I/MLIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28QFNTubePIC16-Bit3165 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/ML product page link
PIC24FJ64GA006-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFPPIC24FJ64GA006-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit589 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA006-I/PT product page link
PIC24FJ64GA004-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44TQFPPIC24FJ64GA004-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit3299 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA004-I/PT product page link
PIC24FJ64GA004-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44QFNPIC24FJ64GA004-I/MLIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44QFNTubePIC16-Bit2217 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA004-I/ML product page link
PIC24FJ128GA006-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFPPIC24FJ128GA006-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit12213 - Immediate
PIC24FJ128GA006-I/PT product page link
PIC24FJ48GA004-I/PT datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 48KB FLASH 44TQFPPIC24FJ48GA004-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 48KB FLASH 44TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit218 - Immediate
PIC24FJ48GA004-I/PT product page link
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SP datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SDIPPIC24FJ64GA002-I/SPIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SDIPTubePIC16-Bit152 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SP product page link
PIC24FJ16GA002-I/SO datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 28SOICPIC24FJ16GA002-I/SOIC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 28SOICTubePIC16-Bit198 - Immediate
PIC24FJ16GA002-I/SO product page link
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SO datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SOICPIC24FJ64GA002-I/SOIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28SOICTubePIC16-Bit62 - Immediate
PIC24FJ64GA002-I/SO product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02