MAX256 3W H-Bridge Transformer Driver

Maxim Integrated

This presentation will provide users with knowledge of what a transformer driver is, what kind of challenges customer face when designing isolated DC/DC converters, and how the MAX256 can help.
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MAX253CSA+ datasheet linkIC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-SOICMAX253CSA+IC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-SOICTubeActiveTransformer Driver2964 - Immediate
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MAX253ESA+T datasheet linkIC DRVR TRANSFORMER 8SOICMAX253ESA+TIC DRVR TRANSFORMER 8SOICCut Tape (CT)ActiveTransformer Driver5635 - Immediate
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MAX845ESA+T datasheet linkIC DRVR TRANSF ISO 8-SOICMAX845ESA+TIC DRVR TRANSF ISO 8-SOICCut Tape (CT)ActiveTransformer Driver2813 - Immediate
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MAX253ESA+ datasheet linkIC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-SOICMAX253ESA+IC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-SOICTubeActiveTransformer Driver787 - Immediate
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MAX253CPA+ datasheet linkIC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-DIPMAX253CPA+IC XFRMR DRIVER RS485 8-DIPTubeActiveTransformer Driver1445 - Immediate
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Eval Boards

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MAXREFDES18# datasheet linkREFERENCE DESIGN CARMELMAXREFDES18#REFERENCE DESIGN CARMELActiveReference Design, Analog Output ModuleNo3 - Immediate
24 - Factory Stock
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MAXREFDES8# datasheet linkREFERENCE DESIGN RIVERSIDEMAXREFDES8#REFERENCE DESIGN RIVERSIDEActivePower Management, Transformer DriverNo2 - Immediate
10 - Factory Stock
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MAXREFDES9# datasheet linkREFERENCE DESIGN OCEANSIDEMAXREFDES9#REFERENCE DESIGN OCEANSIDEActivePower Management, Transformer DriverNo2 - Immediate
13 - Factory Stock
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MAXREFDES11# datasheet linkREFERENCE DESIGN FRESNOMAXREFDES11#REFERENCE DESIGN FRESNOActiveInterface, Analog Front End (AFE)-1 - Immediate
21 - Factory Stock
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MAXREFDES7# datasheet linkREFERENCE DESIGN LAKEWOODMAXREFDES7#REFERENCE DESIGN LAKEWOODActivePower Management, Transformer DriverNo1 - Immediate
14 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-14