LT3080 - Adjustable 1.1A Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator

Linear Technology

This tutorial will provide a general overview of the LT3080 voltage regulator family as well as discussing some benefits and advantages to implementing the part in a design.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutput ConfigurationOutput TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
LT3080EST#TRPBFIC REG LIN POS ADJ 1.1A SOT223-3PositiveAdjustable8329 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080EDD#TRPBFIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1.1A 8DFNPositiveAdjustable1323 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080EMS8E#TRPBFIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1.1A 8MSOPPositiveAdjustable1624 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080EST#PBFIC REG LIN POS ADJ 1.1A SOT223-3PositiveAdjustable8911 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080EMS8E#PBFIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1.1A 8MSOPPositiveAdjustable1405 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080ET#PBFIC REG LIN POS ADJ 1.1A TO220-5PositiveAdjustable1999 - ImmediateView Details
LT3080EDD#PBFIC REG LINEAR POS ADJ 1.1A 8DFNPositiveAdjustable740 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2008-11-07