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This tutorial will introduce the various wireless serial bridge offerings that Laird Technologies offers and provide instruction on the operation of the wireless transceivers. The ConnexLink product family includes a variety of wireless transceivers that come packaged in industrial metal enclosures with standard interfaces. Each product features a serial interface, power supply and antenna connector. In addition, the ConnexLink products are designed to operate as a serial bridge allowing the user to replace thousands of feet of serial cable with a simple to use wireless bridge.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionModulation or ProtocolFrequencyAvailable QuantityView Details
CL4490-1000-232-SP datasheet linkTXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT'S DB9CL4490-1000-232-SPTXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT'S DB9TransceiverFHSS, FSK902MHz ~ 928MHz296 - Immediate
CL4490-1000-232-SP product page link
CL4490-1000-485-SP datasheet linkTXRX 900MHZ RS485 W/ANT TERM BLKCL4490-1000-485-SPTXRX 900MHZ RS485 W/ANT TERM BLK2 TransceiversFHSS, FSK902MHz ~ 928MHz46 - Immediate
CL4490-1000-485-SP product page link
CL4790-1000-232-SP datasheet linkTXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT'S DB9CL4790-1000-232-SPTXRX 900MHZ RS232 1W W/ANT'S DB92 TransceiversFHSS, FSK902MHz ~ 928MHz41 - Immediate
CL4790-1000-232-SP product page link
CL4490-1000-UPR-SP datasheet linkCONNEXLINK PRO SPCL4490-1000-UPR-SPCONNEXLINK PRO SPTransceiver, FHSSFHSS, FSK902MHz ~ 928MHz1 - Immediate
CL4490-1000-UPR-SP product page link
CL4790-1000-485-SP datasheet linkTXRX 900MHZ RS485 1W W/ANT'S DB9CL4790-1000-485-SPTXRX 900MHZ RS485 1W W/ANT'S DB92 TransceiversFHSS, FSK902MHz ~ 928MHz0CL4790-1000-485-SP product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-25