Ceramic Chip Antennas

RF Ceramic Chip Antennas

Johanson Technology Inc

This tutorial presents an overview of the applications and design fundamentals associated with Johanson Technology’s chip antennas including guidelines for antenna layout and selection criteria.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequency GroupFrequency (Center/Band)Available QuantityView Details
2450AT18A100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT18A100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz347713 - Immediate
2450AT18A100E product page link
2450AT18B100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT18B100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz157838 - Immediate
2450AT18B100E product page link
2450AT42B100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT42B100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz85160 - Immediate
2450AT42B100E product page link
2450AT42A100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT42A100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz47541 - Immediate
2450AT42A100E product page link
2450AT43B100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT43B100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz133835 - Immediate
2450AT43B100E product page link
2450AT43A100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT43A100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz96811 - Immediate
2450AT43A100E product page link
1575AT43A0040E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP GPS 1575 MHZ1575AT43A0040EANTENNA CHIP GPS 1575 MHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)1.561GHz, 1.575GHz, 1.602GHz5331 - Immediate
1575AT43A0040E product page link
2450AT45A100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ2450AT45A100EANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZUHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz)2.4GHz18846 - Immediate
2450AT45A100E product page link
5400AT18A1000E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 5.4GHZ WIFI5400AT18A1000EANTENNA CHIP 5.4GHZ WIFISHF (f > 4 GHz)5.4GHz1602 - Immediate
5400AT18A1000E product page link
0920AT50A080E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP ISM 920 MHZ0920AT50A080EANTENNA CHIP ISM 920 MHZUHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz)920MHz00920AT50A080E product page link
2500AT52M3555E datasheet linkANT CHIP WIMAX TRI-BAND2500AT52M3555EANT CHIP WIMAX TRI-BANDWide Band2.5GHz, 3.6GHz, 5.5GHz02500AT52M3555E product page link
5250AT43A200E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 5.25GHZ WIFI5250AT43A200EANTENNA CHIP 5.25GHZ WIFISHF (f > 4 GHz)5.3GHz05250AT43A200E product page link
5775AT43A100E datasheet linkANTENNA CHIP 5.77GHZ WIFI5775AT43A100EANTENNA CHIP 5.77GHZ WIFISHF (f > 4 GHz)5.8GHz05775AT43A100E product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-21