har-flexicon® - Fixed and Pluggable PCB Terminal Bocks


In this presentation HARTING will introduce a range of compact and innovative products that allow fast single conductor wiring of I/O signals onto the PCB. 

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
14110913002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 9POS 90DEG 2.54MM14110913002000TERM BLOCK HDR 9POS 90DEG 2.54MM1097 - Immediate
14110913002000 product page link
14110913001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 9POS VERT 2.54MM14110913001000TERM BLOCK HDR 9POS VERT 2.54MM649 - Immediate
14110913001000 product page link
14111013002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 2.54MM14111013002000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS 2.54MM934 - Immediate
14111013002000 product page link
14111113002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 11POS 2.54MM14111113002000TERM BLOCK HDR 11POS 2.54MM1171 - Immediate
14111113002000 product page link
14111113001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 2.54MM14111113001000TERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 2.54MM946 - Immediate
14111113001000 product page link
14110410002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 4POS 90DEG 1.27MM14110410002000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS 90DEG 1.27MM629 - Immediate
14110410002000 product page link
14111213002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 12POS 2.54MM14111213002000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS 2.54MM896 - Immediate
14111213002000 product page link
14110713002000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 7POS 90DEG 2.54MM14110713002000TERM BLOCK HDR 7POS 90DEG 2.54MM1067 - Immediate
14110713002000 product page link
14111013001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 10POS VERT 2.54MM14111013001000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS VERT 2.54MM430 - Immediate
14111013001000 product page link
14111213001000 datasheet linkTERM BLOCK HDR 12POS VERT 2.54MM14111213001000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS VERT 2.54MM014111213001000 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-15