Zetex Current Monitors

Designing with Diodes Incorporated Current Monitors

Diodes Incorporated

This tutorial discusses the various current monitors available from Diodes Incorporated along with several design examples which utilize them in their applications.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionSensing MethodAvailable QuantityView Details
ZXCT1009FTA datasheet linkIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SOT23-3ZXCT1009FTAIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SOT23-3Current MonitorHigh-Side12485 - Immediate
ZXCT1009FTA product page link
ZXCT1010E5TA datasheet linkIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SOT-23-5ZXCT1010E5TAIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SOT-23-5Current MonitorHigh-Side38780 - Immediate
ZXCT1010E5TA product page link
ZXCT1009T8TA datasheet linkIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SM8ZXCT1009T8TAIC CURRENT MONITOR 1% SM8Current MonitorHigh-Side723 - Immediate
ZXCT1009T8TA product page link
ZXCT1050E5TA datasheet linkIC CURRENT MONITOR 3% SOT23-5ZXCT1050E5TAIC CURRENT MONITOR 3% SOT23-5Current MonitorHigh/Low-Side81 - Immediate
ZXCT1050E5TA product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-10-27