D Series Precision (TCXO)

D Series Precision (TCXO) Overview


This tutorial describes the differences between Connor-Winfield’s various D-Series TCXO products, discusses the features and functions, and describes the reasons for, and benefits of, using Connor-Winfield oscillators in TCXO applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyAvailable QuantityView Details
D32G-016.368M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 16.368MHZ SINE WAVE SMDD32G-016.368MOSC TCXO 16.368MHZ SINE WAVE SMDTCXO16.368MHz1296 - Immediate
D32G-016.368M product page link
D32G-026.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDD32G-026.0MOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDTCXO26MHz606 - Immediate
D32G-026.0M product page link
D75J-050.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 50.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75J-050.0MOSC TCXO 50.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO50MHz1516 - Immediate
D75J-050.0M product page link
D75J-040.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 40.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75J-040.0MOSC TCXO 40.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO40MHz791 - Immediate
D75J-040.0M product page link
D75J-038.88M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 38.88MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75J-038.88MOSC TCXO 38.88MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO38.88MHz236 - Immediate
D75J-038.88M product page link
D75F-025.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 25.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75F-025.0MOSC TCXO 25.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO25MHz327 - Immediate
D75F-025.0M product page link
D75A-010.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 10.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75A-010.0MOSC TCXO 10.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO10MHz1135 - Immediate
D75A-010.0M product page link
D75A-012.8M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 12.8MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75A-012.8MOSC TCXO 12.8MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO12.8MHz298 - Immediate
D75A-012.8M product page link
D75F-027.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 27.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75F-027.0MOSC TCXO 27.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO27MHz217 - Immediate
D75F-027.0M product page link
D75A-019.2M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 19.2MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75A-019.2MOSC TCXO 19.2MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO19.2MHz221 - Immediate
D75A-019.2M product page link
D53G-026.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDD53G-026.0MOSC TCXO 26.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDTCXO26MHz43 - Immediate
D53G-026.0M product page link
D53G-020.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDD53G-020.0MOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDTCXO20MHz36 - Immediate
D53G-020.0M product page link
D75A-020.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75A-020.0MOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO20MHz90 - Immediate
D75A-020.0M product page link
D32G-019.2M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 19.2MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDD32G-019.2MOSC TCXO 19.2MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO19.2MHz0D32G-019.2M product page link
D75AS-020.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDD75AS-020.0MOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ SINE WAVE SMDTCXO20MHz0D75AS-020.0M product page link
D75F-013.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 13.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75F-013.0MOSC TCXO 13.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO13MHz0D75F-013.0M product page link
D75F-019.44M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 19.44MHZ LVCMOS SMDD75F-019.44MOSC TCXO 19.44MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO19.44MHz0D75F-019.44M product page link
TFLD546-012.8M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 12.8MHZ LVCMOS SMDTFLD546-012.8MOSC TCXO 12.8MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO12.8MHz0TFLD546-012.8M product page link
TFLD546-020.0M datasheet linkOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTFLD546-020.0MOSC TCXO 20.000MHZ LVCMOS SMDTCXO20MHz0TFLD546-020.0M product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-08-29