Full Brick DC-DC Converter

AIF High Voltage Full Brick DC/DC Converters

Artesyn Embedded Technologies

This tutorial will begin with an overview of the products and the basic specifications. There will be a review of the key features, as well as a discussion of the safety approvals, compliance, protections and efficiency of the AIF product range.  Finally, a couple of possible applications and resources for additional information will be given.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
AIF04ZPFC-01NTL datasheet linkMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUTAIF04ZPFC-01NTLMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUT387 - Immediate
AIF04ZPFC-01NTL product page link
AIF04ZPFC-02NTL datasheet linkMODULE PFC AC TO 380VDC 1600WAIF04ZPFC-02NTLMODULE PFC AC TO 380VDC 1600W123 - Immediate
AIF04ZPFC-02NTL product page link
AIF04ZPFC-01L datasheet linkMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUTAIF04ZPFC-01LMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUT59 - Immediate
AIF04ZPFC-01L product page link
AIF80A300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 80A NEGAIF80A300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 80A NEG96 - Immediate
AIF80A300N-NTL product page link
AIF40C300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 15V@40AAIF40C300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 15V@40A60 - Immediate
AIF40C300N-L product page link
AIF120Y300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 1.8V@120AAIF120Y300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 1.8V@120A39 - Immediate
AIF120Y300N-L product page link
AIF120F300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 3.3V@120AAIF120F300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 3.3V@120A30 - Immediate
AIF120F300N-L product page link
AIF80A300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 5V@80AAIF80A300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 5V@80A30 - Immediate
AIF80A300N-L product page link
AIF25H300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 24V@25AAIF25H300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 24V@25A0AIF25H300N-L product page link
AIF50B300-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 12V@50AAIF50B300-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 12V@50A0AIF50B300-L product page link
AIF04ZPFC-02L datasheet linkMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUTAIF04ZPFC-02LMODULE PFC AC 1600W 380VDC OUT0AIF04ZPFC-02L product page link
AIF120F300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 120A NEGAIF120F300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 120A NEG0AIF120F300N-NTL product page link
AIF120Y300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 120A NEGAIF120Y300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 120A NEG0AIF120Y300N-NTL product page link
AIF12W300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 12.5A NEGAIF12W300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 12.5A NEG0AIF12W300N-NTL product page link
AIF25H300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 25A NEGAIF25H300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 25A NEG0AIF25H300N-NTL product page link
AIF40C300N-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 40A NEGAIF40C300N-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 40A NEG0AIF40C300N-NTL product page link
AIF50B300-NTL datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 50A POSAIF50B300-NTLCONV DC/DC 600W 300VIN 50A POS0AIF50B300-NTL product page link
AIF50B300N-NTL datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600WAIF50B300N-NTLDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600W0AIF50B300N-NTL product page link
AIF80A300-L datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600WAIF80A300-LDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600W0AIF80A300-L product page link
AIF80A300-NTL datasheet linkDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600WAIF80A300-NTLDC/DC CONVERTER 12V 600W0AIF80A300-NTL product page link
AIF50B300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 12V@50AAIF50B300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 12V@50A0AIF50B300N-L product page link
AIF12W300N-L datasheet linkCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 48V@12.5AAIF12W300N-LCONVERT DC/DC 300VIN 48V@12.5A0AIF12W300N-L product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-09