RF-IF Amplifier

RF-IF Amplifier Product Overview

Analog Devices Inc

This tutorial will discuss the benefits of the different types of RF/IF amplifiers that Analog Devices offers. After a discussion of the benefits of these amplifier families, a closer look will be taken at each of the four amplifier types, starting with low noise amplifiers, followed by the intermediate frequency amplifiers, then the driver amplifiers, and finally the gain blocks.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFrequencyP1dBAvailable QuantityView Details
ADL5602ARKZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP HBT INGAP 4GHZ SOT89ADL5602ARKZ-R7IC AMP HBT INGAP 4GHZ SOT89Cut Tape (CT)50MHz ~ 4GHz19.3dBm2693 - Immediate
ADL5602ARKZ-R7 product page link
ADL5530ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC GAIN BLOCK IF 16.5DB 8-LFCSPADL5530ACPZ-R7IC GAIN BLOCK IF 16.5DB 8-LFCSPCut Tape (CT)0Hz ~ 1GHz21.4dBm860 - Immediate
3000 - Factory Stock
ADL5530ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5521ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP LNA 4GHZ LOW NOISE 8LFCSPADL5521ACPZ-R7IC AMP LNA 4GHZ LOW NOISE 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)400MHz ~ 4GHz21.8dBm945 - Immediate
ADL5521ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5542ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC GAIN BLOCK 6GHZ 20DB 8LFCSPADL5542ACPZ-R7IC GAIN BLOCK 6GHZ 20DB 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)20MHz ~ 6GHz6.8dBm1138 - Immediate
ADL5542ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5541ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC GAIN BLOCK 6GHZ 15DB 8LFCSPADL5541ACPZ-R7IC GAIN BLOCK 6GHZ 15DB 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)20MHz ~ 6GHz5.8dBm459 - Immediate
ADL5541ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5320ARKZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP RF DRIVER 2.7GHZ SOT89ADL5320ARKZ-R7IC AMP RF DRIVER 2.7GHZ SOT89Cut Tape (CT)400MHz ~ 2.7GHz27.4dBm298 - Immediate
6000 - Factory Stock
ADL5320ARKZ-R7 product page link
ADL5531ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC IF GAIN BLOCK 500MHZ 8LFCSPADL5531ACPZ-R7IC IF GAIN BLOCK 500MHZ 8LFCSPCut Tape (CT)20MHz ~ 500MHz20.4dBm0ADL5531ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5321ARKZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP DRIVER RF 2.3/4GHZ SOT89ADL5321ARKZ-R7IC AMP DRIVER RF 2.3/4GHZ SOT89Cut Tape (CT)2.3GHz ~ 4GHz25.7dBm0ADL5321ARKZ-R7 product page link
ADL5322ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP GAIN 700-1000MHZ 8-LFCSPADL5322ACPZ-R7IC AMP GAIN 700-1000MHZ 8-LFCSPCut Tape (CT)700MHz ~ 1GHz27dBm ~ 27.7dBm0ADL5322ACPZ-R7 product page link
ADL5323ACPZ-R7 datasheet linkIC AMP GAIN 1.7-2.4GHZ 8-LFCSPADL5323ACPZ-R7IC AMP GAIN 1.7-2.4GHZ 8-LFCSPCut Tape (CT)1.7GHz ~ 2.4GHz27.3dBm ~ 28dBm0ADL5323ACPZ-R7 product page link
PTM Published on: 2010-03-31