ADP2102 DSP Battery Life

ADP2102 DSP Battery Life Applications

Analog Devices Inc

This tutorial will discuss achieving longer battery life in a DSP application using the ADP2102 synchronous step-down converter in both a DSP internal voltage controller and an external voltage regulator configuration.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
ADP2102YCPZ-4-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-4-R7IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP470 - Immediate
ADP2102YCPZ-4-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.2-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BCK 1.2V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.2-R7IC REG BCK 1.2V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP3000 - Factory StockADP2102YCPZ-1.2-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.5-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BCK 1.5V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.5-R7IC REG BCK 1.5V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.5-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-2-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-2-R7IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-2-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-3-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-3-R7IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-3-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1-R7IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.37R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.375V 0.6A 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.37R7IC REG BUCK 1.375V 0.6A 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.37R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-0.8-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 0.8V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSADP2102YCPZ-0.8-R7IC REG BUCK 0.8V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCS0ADP2102YCPZ-0.8-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.0-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.0-R7IC REG BUCK 1V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.0-R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.25R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.25V 0.6A 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.25R7IC REG BUCK 1.25V 0.6A 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.25R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.87R7 datasheet linkIC REG BUCK 1.875V 0.6A 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.87R7IC REG BUCK 1.875V 0.6A 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.87R7 product page link
ADP2102YCPZ-1.8-R7 datasheet linkIC REG BCK 1.8V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSPADP2102YCPZ-1.8-R7IC REG BCK 1.8V 0.6A SYNC 8LFCSP0ADP2102YCPZ-1.8-R7 product page link

Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable QuantityView Details
EVAL-AD5933EBZ datasheet linkBOARD EVALUATION FOR AD5933EVAL-AD5933EBZBOARD EVALUATION FOR AD5933Timing, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)No53 - Factory StockEVAL-AD5933EBZ product page link
ADP2102-1.2-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR 1.2V ADP2102ADP2102-1.2-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR 1.2V ADP2102DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated16 - Factory StockADP2102-1.2-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-0.8-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-0.8ADP2102-0.8-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-0.8DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated38 - Factory StockADP2102-0.8-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.0-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.0ADP2102-1.0-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.0DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated35 - Factory StockADP2102-1.0-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.25-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.25ADP2102-1.25-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.25DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated25 - Factory StockADP2102-1.25-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.375EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.375ADP2102-1.375EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.375DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated33 - Factory StockADP2102-1.375EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.5-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.5ADP2102-1.5-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.5DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated32 - Factory StockADP2102-1.5-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.875EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.875ADP2102-1.875EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.875DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated27 - Factory StockADP2102-1.875EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1.8-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.8ADP2102-1.8-EVALZBOARD EVAL FOR ADP2102-1.8DC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated25 - Factory StockADP2102-1.8-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-1-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL 0.8V-1.2V ADJ OUTPUTADP2102-1-EVALZBOARD EVAL 0.8V-1.2V ADJ OUTPUTDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated27 - Factory StockADP2102-1-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-2-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL 1.2V-1.5V ADJ OUTPUTADP2102-2-EVALZBOARD EVAL 1.2V-1.5V ADJ OUTPUTDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated25 - Factory StockADP2102-2-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-3-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL 1.5V-1.875V ADJ OUTPTADP2102-3-EVALZBOARD EVAL 1.5V-1.875V ADJ OUTPTDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated24 - Factory StockADP2102-3-EVALZ product page link
ADP2102-4-EVALZ datasheet linkBOARD EVAL 2.5V-3.3V ADJ OUTPUTADP2102-4-EVALZBOARD EVAL 2.5V-3.3V ADJ OUTPUTDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated17 - Factory StockADP2102-4-EVALZ product page link
PTM Published on: 2008-04-16