Miniature Motion Control

Miniature Motion Control Overview


This tutorial will show how the austriamicrosystems ICs, in concert with New Scale Technologies miniature motors, can be used to create high resolution closed-loop motion systems that can fit on a finger tip. The objectives are to introduce users to the Austriamicrosystems NSD-2101 piezo motor driver and NSE-5310 high resolution encoder, New Scale Technologies miniature Squiggle piezo motors and the integrated closed-loop M3 Miniature Motion Modules along with the markets and applications that are ideal for this technology.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMotor Type - StepperMotor Type - AC, DCAvailable QuantityView Details
IC MOTOR DRIVER SQUIGGLE 16QFNNSD-1202-ASSTIC MOTOR DRIVER SQUIGGLE 16QFNDiscontinued at Digi-Key-Piezo0NSD-1202-ASST product page link
NSE-5310-ASST datasheet linkIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPNSE-5310-ASSTIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPMagneticI²C, PWM-0NSE-5310-ASST product page link
AS5311-ATSU datasheet linkIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPAS5311-ATSUIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPMechanicalPWM-0AS5311-ATSU product page link
NSE-5310-ASSU datasheet linkIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPNSE-5310-ASSUIC ENCODER LINEAR 20-TSSOPMagneticI²C, PWM-0NSE-5310-ASSU product page link

Eval Kit

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable QuantityView Details
DK-RV-1.8-33 datasheet linkEVAL KIT SQUIGGLE MOTORDK-RV-1.8-33EVAL KIT SQUIGGLE MOTORPower Management, Motor Control-SQL-RV-1.8-6-12, MC-3300-RV, NSD-210119 - Immediate
DK-RV-1.8-33 product page link
DK-M3L-1.8-TRK-6.0-S datasheet linkEVAL KIT M3-L LINEAR MOTIONDK-M3L-1.8-TRK-6.0-SEVAL KIT M3-L LINEAR MOTIONPower Management, Motor ControlYes, ASICSQUIGGLE® Piezo Micro Motor, NSD-2101, NSE-531024 - Immediate
DK-M3L-1.8-TRK-6.0-S product page link
TRK-1T02-E datasheet linkEVAL KIT POSITION SENSORTRK-1T02-EEVAL KIT POSITION SENSORProximity, Magnetic-I²C6 - Immediate
TRK-1T02-E product page link
DK-M3F-1.8-TRK-1.5-S datasheet linkEVAL KIT M3-F FOCUS CAMERADK-M3F-1.8-TRK-1.5-SEVAL KIT M3-F FOCUS CAMERAReference Design, Focus ModuleYes, ASICSQUIGGLE® Piezo Micro Motor, NSD-2101, NSE-53101 - Immediate
DK-M3F-1.8-TRK-1.5-S product page link
PTM Published on: 2011-05-10