PTC thermistors

PTC Thermistors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors

This module will outline the characteristics of PTC thermistors, the difference between PTC and NTC and the various PTC applications and uses.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeAvailable QuantityView Details
YQS5749PTO datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALYQS5749PTOPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALBulkCeramic5108 - Immediate
YQS5749PTO product page link
YQS8065 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 265V 168MA RADIALYQS8065PTC RESET FUSE 265V 168MA RADIALBulkCeramic3202 - Immediate
YQS8065 product page link
YQS5925PTO datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 240V RADIALYQS5925PTOPTC RESET FUSE 240V RADIALBulkCeramic4597 - Immediate
YQS5925PTO product page link
YQS5898PTO datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 12V RADIALYQS5898PTOPTC RESET FUSE 12V RADIALBulkCeramic2608 - Immediate
YQS5898PTO product page link
YQS8067 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 265V 85MA RADIALYQS8067PTC RESET FUSE 265V 85MA RADIALBulkCeramic1972 - Immediate
YQS8067 product page link
YM120D260N150 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 265V 234MA RADIALYM120D260N150PTC RESET FUSE 265V 234MA RADIALBulkCeramic2290 - Immediate
YM120D260N150 product page link
YQS5751PTO datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALYQS5751PTOPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALBulkCeramic964 - Immediate
YQS5751PTO product page link
YQS5750PTO datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALYQS5750PTOPTC RESET FUSE 25V RADIALBulkCeramic0YQS5750PTO product page link
YS5869PTF datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 120V 60MA RADIALYS5869PTFPTC RESET FUSE 120V 60MA RADIALBulkCeramic0YS5869PTF product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-01-14