DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

American Electrical Inc

This presentation will discuss the four types of Din rail mounted circuit breakers, cover the technical specifications of each type, list the reasons for using a specific type of circuit breaker, and provide the benefits of using circuit breakers over fuses.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBreaker TypeCurrent RatingVoltage Rating - DCAvailable QuantityView Details
C2A1P-80VDC datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 2A 80VDC LEVERC2A1P-80VDCCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 2A 80VDC LEVERMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)2A80V595 - Immediate
C2A1P-80VDC product page link
C5A1P-489 datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 240VACC5A1P-489CIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 240VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)5A240V69 - Immediate
C5A1P-489 product page link
C15A2P datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 15A 480VACC15A2PCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 15A 480VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)15A480V53 - Immediate
C15A2P product page link
C10A2P-489 datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 240VACC10A2P-489CIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 240VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)10A240V25 - Immediate
C10A2P-489 product page link
C5A3P datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 480VACC5A3PCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 480VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)5A480V44 - Immediate
C5A3P product page link
C5A1P datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 480VACC5A1PCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 5A 480VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)5A480V38 - Immediate
C5A1P product page link
C20A1P-489 datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 20A 240VACC20A1P-489CIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 20A 240VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)20A240V95 - Immediate
C20A1P-489 product page link
C10A3P datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 480VACC10A3PCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 480VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)10A480V27 - Immediate
C10A3P product page link
C10A1P datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 480VACC10A1PCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 10A 480VACMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)10A480V14 - Immediate
C10A1P product page link
C30A1P-80VDC datasheet linkCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 30A 80VDCC30A1P-80VDCCIR BRKR MAG-HYDR 30A 80VDCMagnetic (Hydraulic Delay)30A80V15 - Immediate
C30A1P-80VDC product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-13