BLVR Series of Pressure Sensors

All Sensors Corporation

This presentation will discuss the features and benefits, applications, and go over the part numbers for the BLVR series.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOperating PressureAvailable QuantityView Details
BLVR-L05D-B1NS-N datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 5" H2OBLVR-L05D-B1NS-NSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 5" H2O±0.18 PSI (±1.25 kPa)129 - Immediate
BLVR-L05D-B1NS-N product page link
BLVR-L10D-B1NS-N datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 10" H2OBLVR-L10D-B1NS-NSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 10" H2O±0.36 PSI (±2.49 kPa)35 - Immediate
BLVR-L10D-B1NS-N product page link
BLVR-L01D-B1NS-N datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2OBLVR-L01D-B1NS-NSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2O±0.04 PSI (±0.25 kPa)2 - Immediate
BLVR-L01D-B1NS-N product page link
BLVR-L20D-B1NS-N datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 20" H2OBLVR-L20D-B1NS-NSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 20" H2O±0.72 PSI (±4.96 kPa)0BLVR-L20D-B1NS-N product page link
BLVR-L30D-B1NS-N datasheet linkSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 30" H2OBLVR-L30D-B1NS-NSENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 30" H2O±1.08 PSI (±7.48 kPa)2 - Immediate
BLVR-L30D-B1NS-N product page link
PTM Published on: 2015-03-19