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Altech CorporationAmphenol AnytekAmphenol PCDASI-EzAssmann WSW ComponentsConta-Clip, Inc.Curtis IndustriesDINKLE Corporation USADinkle Corporation, USAEaton - Bussmann Electrical DivisionHirose Electric Co LtdHirschmann
-*07212100X100, Buchanan200, Buchanan201606207400, Buchanan500, Buchanan800, Buchanan900, BuchananA
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Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyObsolete
-Battery StudBlade Type - PluggableBranch TerminalBus BarBus Bar - CentralBus Bar - SideBus Bar - TerminalsBusbarEnd TerminalFull AssemblyGround Isolating
Mounting Type
-Bus BarChannel, DIN Rail MountDIN RailDIN Rail or Panel MountDIN RAIL SocketDIN Rail/ChannelDirect MountPanel Mount
Number of Positions
Number of Levels
11 (Mate), 2 (Input)1; Grounded22; 1 Grounded2; Connected2; Connected and Grounded33; 1 Grounded44; 1 Grounded6810
Terminal - Width
Termination Style
-Bolt and NutBolt and Nut, ScrewBolt and Nut, Tubular ClampFlat BladePlug ReceptaclesPlug Receptacles, IDCPlug Receptacles, Push In, SpringPlug Receptacles, ScrewPush InPush In Spring; ScrewPush In, Spring
Current - IEC
25 mA500 mA4 A6 A6.3 A8 A10 A10.5 A12 A13.5 A15 A16 A
Voltage - IEC
24 V36 V70 V110 V150 V160 V230 V250 V300 V320 V380 V400 V
Current - UL
25 mA75 mA1 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A10 A12 A12.5 A13 A
Voltage - UL
30 V35 V150 V250 V300 V400 V500 V600 V660 V800 V1 kV1000 V1.5 kV
Wire Gauge or Range - AWG
1/0-10 AWG1/0-12 AWG1/0-14 AWG1/0-18 AWG1/0-2 AWG1/0-6 AWG1/0-8 AWG2-10 AWG2-10 AWG, 8-24 AWG2-12 AWG2-14 AWG2-18 AWG
Wire Gauge or Range - mm²
1/8" Phono Jack-AngledBlock of 10, IndicatorsBlock of 3Block of 3, IndicatorsBlock of 4Block of 5Block of 5, IndicatorsBlock of 6Block of 7, IndicatorsBlock of 9
Housing Color
-BeigeBeige, Black, Blue, YellowBeige, Black, YellowBeige, BlueBlackBlack, Blue, Gray, YellowBlack, Gray, YellowBlack, YellowBlueBlue, GrayBlue, Gray, Green, Yellow
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