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3RLab, Inc.ARCOLBourns Inc.Cornell Dubilier / Illinois CapacitorHoneywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsKYOCERA AVXLittelfuse Inc.Murata Power Solutions Inc.NTE Electronics, IncOhmiteRESIRiedon
-BagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Tape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyObsolete
3.5 µOhms5 µOhms5.6 µOhms6.3 µOhms6.7 µOhms7.14 µOhms8.3 µOhms10 µOhms11 µOhms11.1 µOhms12.5 µOhms13.3 µOhms
Power (Watts)
0.25W, 1/4W0.5W, 1/2W1W1.5W2W2.5W3W5W6W7W7.5W10W
-Carbon FilmCeramicMetal CladMetal ElementMetal FoilThick FilmThin FilmWirewound
Temperature Coefficient
-800/ +2000ppm/°C-80, +200ppm/°C0/ -2000ppm/°C0/ -800ppm/°C0/ +100ppm/°C±0.2ppm/°C±1ppm/°C±2ppm/°C±2.5ppm/°C±5ppm/°C±10ppm/°C±15ppm/°C
Operating Temperature
-65°C ~ 180°C-55°C ~ 110°C-55°C ~ 120°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 130°C-55°C ~ 140°C-55°C ~ 150°C-55°C ~ 155°C-55°C ~ 175°C-55°C ~ 200°C-55°C ~ 220°C-55°C ~ 230°C
-Current SenseCurrent Sense, Flame Proof, Moisture Resistant, Pulse Withstanding, SafetyCurrent Sense, Flame Proof, Non-Inductive, Pulse Withstanding, SafetyCurrent Sense, Flame Proof, Pulse Withstanding, SafetyCurrent Sense, Moisture ResistantCurrent Sense, Non-InductiveCurrent Sense, Pulse WithstandingFlame Proof, High Voltage, Moisture Resistant, Pulse Withstanding, SafetyFlame Proof, Moisture Resistant, SafetyFlame Proof, Non-Inductive, Pulse Withstanding, SafetyFlame Proof, Non-Inductive, Safety
Coating, Housing Type
-AluminumAluminum OxideCeramicEpoxy CoatedSilicon, Vitreous Enamel CoatedSilicone CoatedSteelVitreous Enamel Coated
Mounting Feature
-BracketsBrackets (not included)Brackets, TerminationFlange Braces, Right AngleFlangesScrew Holes
Size / Dimension
0.300" L x 0.200" W (7.62mm x 5.08mm)0.310" Dia x 1.750" L (7.90mm x 44.50mm)0.311" Dia x 1.748" L (7.90mm x 44.40mm)0.313" Dia x 1.000" L (7.94mm x 25.40mm)0.313" Dia x 1.748" L (7.94mm x 44.40mm)0.313" Dia x 1.750" L (7.94mm x 44.45mm)0.313" Dia x 1.750" L (7.95mm x 44.45mm)0.394" Dia x 2.756" L (10.00mm x 70.00mm)0.437" Dia x 2.000" L (11.11mm x 50.80mm)0.453" Dia x 1.339" L (11.50mm x 34.00mm)0.472" Dia x 2.362" L (12.00mm x 60.00mm)0.512" Dia x 1.969" L (13.00mm x 50.00mm)
Height - Seated (Max)
0.039" (1.00mm)0.079" (2.00mm)0.090" (2.29mm)0.140" (3.56mm)0.146" (3.70mm)0.150" (3.81mm)0.200" (5.08mm)0.205" (5.20mm)0.210" (5.33mm)0.225" (5.72mm)0.236" (6.00mm)0.244" (6.20mm)
Lead Style
2-Terminal4-Terminal-#10-32 ThreadedCombo LeadsFerrule EndsFerrule Ends (Ferrule Ends, M5 Thread)M3 ThreadedM3 Threaded; M10 ThreadedM3 Threaded; M6 ThreadedM3 Threaded; M8 ThreadedM4 Threaded
Package / Case
-AxialAxial, BoxAxial, Flat BoxAxial, TubularBoxFlat Box, TerminatorModuleRadialRadial, 3 Lead, TubularRadial, Flat OvalRadial, Rectangular CaseRadial, TubularRectangular Case
Failure Rate
-M (1%)P (0.1%)R (0.01%)
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