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3MAces ConnectorsAdafruit Industries LLCAdam TechAirBornAmphenol Aerospace OperationsAmphenol CONECAmphenol ICCAmphenol ICC (Commercial Products)Amphenol ICC (FCI)Amphenol Industrial OperationsAmphenol Positronic
-.025.040 Multilock*0.50009008SH1000 Box1001 Box101148281011482910114830
-BagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageSpoolStripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Connector Type
-HeaderHeader, Bottom EntryHeader, BreakawayHeader, CuttableHeader, ElevatedHeader, Reverse PinHeader, Stackable (2)InsertInterposerJumperPlugPlug, CradleReceptacle
Contact Type
-Center Strip ContactFemale SocketFemale Socket, CoaxialFemale Socket, Coaxial; Male Pin, PowerFemale Socket; Male PinMale BladeMale Blade; Male PinMale PinMale Pin, CoaxialMale Pin, PowerNon-Gender SpecificNon-GenderedOuter Shroud Contact
Pitch - Mating
0.016" (0.40mm)0.020" (0.50mm)0.024" (0.60mm)0.025" (0.64mm)0.030" (0.75mm)0.031" (0.80mm)0.035" (0.90mm)0.039" (1.00mm)0.047" (1.20mm)0.049" (1.25mm)0.050" (1.27mm)0.051" (1.30mm)
Number of Positions
122 (1 Coax + 1 Power)2 (Coax)2 (Power)2, 22, 4344 (2 + 1 Power + 1 Ground)4 (2 + 2 Coax)4 (2 + 2 Power)
Number of Rows
122, 3345678910111213
Row Spacing - Mating
0.030" (0.76mm)0.039" (1.00mm)0.040" (1.02mm)0.047" (1.20mm)0.049" (1.25mm)0.050" (1.27mm)0.055" (1.40mm)0.057" (1.45mm)0.059" (1.50mm)0.063" (1.60mm)0.065" (1.65mm)0.071" (1.80mm)
Number of Positions Loaded
-Board to BoardBoard to Board or CableBoard to Cable/Wire
-ShroudedShrouded - 1 WallShrouded - 2 WallShrouded - 3 WallShrouded - 4 WallUnshrouded
Mounting Type
-Board Edge, Cutout; Surface Mount, Right AngleBoard Edge, Straddle MountBoard Edge, Through Hole, Right AnglePanel MountPanel Mount, Snap-In; Through HolePanel Mount, Snap-In; Through Hole, Right AnglePanel Mount, Through HolePanel Mount, Through Hole, Right AngleStackingSurface MountSurface Mount and Through HoleSurface Mount, Right AngleSurface Mount, Right Angle; Through Hole
-Kinked Pin, SolderPress-FitPress-Fit, SolderScrewSolderSolder CupSolder EyeletThrough HoleWire Wrap
Fastening Type
-Detent LockEjectorFriction LockLatch HolderLatch LockLatch Lock/Eject HooksLatch Lock/Eject Hooks, LongLatch Lock/Eject Hooks, ShortLever LockLocking RampPush-InPush-PullPush-Turn Lock
Contact Length - Mating
0.001" (0.03mm)0.002" (0.05mm)0.003" (0.08mm)0.004" (0.10mm)0.005" (0.13mm)0.006" (0.15mm)0.007" (0.18mm)0.008" (0.20mm)0.009" (0.23mm)0.010" (0.25mm)0.011" (0.28mm)0.012" (0.30mm)
Contact Length - Post
0.001" (0.03mm)0.002" (0.05mm)0.003" (0.08mm)0.004" (0.10mm)0.005" (0.13mm)0.006" (0.15mm)0.007" (0.18mm)0.008" (0.20mm)0.010" (0.25mm)0.011" (0.28mm)0.012" (0.30mm)0.013" (0.33mm)
Overall Contact Length
0.042" (1.07mm)0.064" (1.62mm)0.081" (2.05mm)0.083" (2.10mm)0.084" (2.13mm)0.098" (2.48mm)0.110" (2.80mm)0.118" (3.00mm)0.120" (3.05mm)0.122" (3.10mm)0.138" (3.50mm)0.148" (3.76mm)
Insulation Height
0.030" (0.75mm)0.031" (0.80mm)0.032" (0.81mm)0.034" (0.86mm)0.035" (0.90mm)0.036" (0.91mm)0.038" (0.97mm)0.039" (1.00mm)0.040" (1.02mm)0.047" (1.20mm)0.049" (1.25mm)0.050" (1.27mm)
Contact Shape
-CircularCircular, RectangularCircular, SquareRectangularRectangular, SquareSquare
Contact Finish - Mating
-GoldGold or Gold-PalladiumGold or Gold, GXT™Gold or PdNi +GoldGold-PalladiumGold, GXT™Gold, TinNickelPalladiumPalladium-NickelSilverTinTin-Bismuth
Contact Finish Thickness - Mating
1.00µin (0.025µm)1.97µin (0.050µm)2.00µin (0.051µm)2.40µin (0.061µm)3.00µin (0.076µm)3.15µin (0.080µm)3.90µin (0.099µm)3.94µin (0.100µm)5.00µin (0.127µm)5.11µin (0.130µm)5.90µin (0.150µm)7.09µin (0.180µm)
Contact Finish - Post
-GoldGold or Gold, GXT™Gold, GXT™NickelSilverSolder PlatedTinTin AlloyTin or Tin-AlloyTin-BismuthTin-CopperTin-Lead
Contact Material
-Beryllium CopperBeryllium Copper, Phosphor BronzeBrassBrass AlloyBrass, NickelBrass, Phosphor BronzeBronzeCartridge BrassCopperCopper AlloyCopper Alloy, Phosphor Bronze
Insulation Material
-Aluminum AlloyDiallyl Phthalate (DAP)Diallyl Phthalate (DAP), Glass FilledHTN, Glass FilledLiquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), Glass FilledLiquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), Glass Filled, Halogen FreeLiquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), Halogen FreeNylonPlasticPlastic, Halogen Free
-Backshell, Keying Slot, Mating Flange, Mounting Flange, Mounting Hardware, ShieldedBlind MatingBlind Mating, Board GuideBlind Mating, Board Guide, Pick and PlaceBlind Mating, Board Guide, Pick and Place, Solder RetentionBlind Mating, Board LockBoard GuideBoard Guide, Board LockBoard Guide, Board Lock, End ShroudsBoard Guide, Board Lock, End Shrouds, Pick and PlaceBoard Guide, Board Lock, Mounting Flange
Operating Temperature
-65°C ~ 105°C-65°C ~ 125°C-65°C ~ 130°C-65°C ~ 150°C-65°C ~ 175°C-65°C ~ 200°C-65°C ~ 250°C-55°C ~ 105°C-55°C ~ 120°C-55°C ~ 121°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 130°C
Ingress Protection
-Dust Tight, WaterproofIEC IP50IP20IP40IP67IP67 - Dust Tight, WaterproofIP67, IP69KIP67/IP69K - Dust Tight, Water Resistant, WaterproofIP67/IP6K9KIP68IP68/IP69K - Dust Tight, Water Resistant, WaterproofIP68/IP6K9KIP69K
Material Flammability Rating
-UL VW-1UL94 HBUL94 V-0UL94 V-1UL94 V-2
Insulation Color
-AquaBeigeBlackBlack, Brown, GrayBlack, Brown, GreenBlack, GrayBlack, RedBlueBlue, GreenBrownCream
Current Rating (Amps)
0.2A0.2A, 0.5A0.5A0.5A per Contact500mA0.7A0.75A1A1A (AC/DC)1A (DC)1A per Contact1A, 9.5A per Contact
Voltage Rating
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