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4D Systems Pty LtdAdafruit Industries LLCAllied Vision, Inc.ams-OSRAM USA INC.ArducamBanner Engineering CorporationBasler Inc.Chemi-ConDFRobotESPROS Photonics AGFLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions, Inc.FLIR Lepton
-*4LSAlvium 1500 C-050cAlvium 1500 C-050mAlvium 1500 C-120cAlvium 1500 C-120mAlvium 1500 C-210cAlvium 1500 C-210mAlvium 1500 C-500cAlvium 1500 C-500mAlvium 1500 C-501c
BagBoxBulkRetail PackageTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyObsolete
-BlackDepthDepth, RGBMonochromeMonochrome, RGBRGB
1 x 12481 x 163841 x 17281 x 20481 x 40961 x 61751 x 81922 x 20482 x 40962 x 81928 x 832 x 32
Frames per Second
-GlobalGlobal Reset, RollingGlobal, RollingIntegralRolling
Lens Mount
-CC, CSC, CS, SCSM12M14M16M17M5M5.5M6.5M7S
3D Time of Flight-CCDCMOSMultispectral IRNIRThermalTOF
10GigE-Analog VoltageCSI-2CSI-2, MIPICSI-2, USBDVPEthernet, GPIO, RS485Ethernet, RS485Ethernet, TriggerEthernet, USBGigE
Pixel Size
0.801um x 0.801um1.008µm x 1.008µm1.1um x 1.1um1.1µm x 1.1µm1.12µm x 1.12µm1.2µm x 1.2 µm1.25um x 1.25um1.4µm x 1.4µm1.45µm x 1.45µm1.55µm x 1.55µm1.75µm x 1.75µm1.85µm x 1.85µm
Mounting Type
-Chassis MountSurface Mount
Package / Case
4-BGA4-FBGA Module225-VFBGA, FCCSPBGA-Module
Supplier Device Package
4-BGA225-FCCSP (6.4x6.4)-Module
Size / Dimension
0.026" L x 0.026" W (0.65mm x 0.65mm)0.041" L x 0.041" W (1.04mm x 1.04mm)0.042" L x 0.042" W (1.08mm x 1.08mm)0.043" L x 0.043" W (1.10mm x 1.10mm)0.094" L x 0.055" W (2.40mm x 1.39mm)0.109" L x 0.041" W (2.77mm x 1.05mm)0.236" L x 0.236" W (6.00mm x 6.00mm)0.252" L x 0.252" W (6.40mm x 6.40mm)0.256" L x 0.256" W (6.50mm x 6.50mm)0.260" L x 0.256" W (6.60mm x 6.50mm)0.315" L x 0.315" W (8.00mm x 8.00mm)0.335" L x 0.335" W (8.50mm x 8.50mm)
Height (Max)
0.017" (0.44mm)0.018" (0.46mm)0.036" (0.92mm)0.044" (1.11mm)0.047" (1.20mm)0.068" (1.73mm)0.074" (1.89mm)0.078" (1.97mm)0.089" (2.26mm)0.089" (2.27mm)0.093" (2.36mm)0.133" (3.39mm)
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