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Adafruit Industries LLCAdvantechAdvantech CorpAK-Nord GmbHAntaira TechnologiesArchimedes ControlsArduinoATOP TechnologiesBanner Engineering CorporationBiPOM Electronics, Inc.BrainboxesBroadcom Limited
-BagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)Tray
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
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ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
-Access PointBridgeBridge/RouterCellular Development Platform (Skywire® Modem Sold Separately)Cellular RTUsEmbedded Device ServerGatewayGateway, Helium MinerGateway/RouterModemRouterSensorTransceiver
Modulation or Protocol
802.1p, 802.1Q2 Level GFSK64QAM, BPSK, DSSS, GFSK, OFDM, QPSK, Zigbee®64QAM, Bluetooth v5.2, BPSK, DSSS, GFSK, OFDM, QPSK, Zigbee®802.11 a/b/g/-c, CAPWAP, HTTPS, MQTT802.11 a/b/g/-c, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP, IPv4 , LTE, ModbusTCP, NTP, PPPoE, TCP, SNMP, UDP, WCDMA802.11 a/b/g/-c, GPS, LTE802.11 a/b/g/-c, GRE, IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, SNMPv3, Telnet CLI, Web802.11 a/b/g/-c/ax, 802.11e/WMM, 802.1p, 802.1Q, 802.1x, ALG, Anti-DoS, DDNS, DMZ, IPSec, IPv4, IPv6, L2TP, NAT, OpenVPN, PPTP, TOS, Traffic Rules, UPnP, VLAN802.11 a/b/g/-c/ax, HSPA+, LTE802.11 a/b/g/n802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, GNSS, GPRS, HSPA+
50Hz ~ 60Hz150Hz ~ 80MHz, 80MHz ~ 3GHz150Hz ~ 80MHz, 80MHz ~ 3GHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz700Hz, 800Hz, 850Hz, 900Hz, 1.7GHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.1GHz700Hz, 800Hz, 850Hz, 900Hz, 1.7GHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.1GHz, 2.6GHz2kHz3kHz, 1GHz150kHz ~ 3GHz800kHz, 850kHz, 900kHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.1GHz800kHz, 900kHz, 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz, 2.6GHz20MHz, 40MHz, 2.412GHz ~ 2.462GHz137MHz ~ 138MHz, 148MHz ~ 150MHz
-AMR, Consumer/PC, ISMEnergy MeasurementFirstNet, LTEGeneral PurposeGeneral Purpose, LTEHelium NetworkLTERemote Asset ManagementTransceiver, GatewayVision GatewayWireless LANWirelessZigBee™
-Analog Inputs, Digital IO’s, MODBUS RTU, RS485Analog and Digital, EthernetAnalogAnalog, Digital, Ethernet, RJ-45Analog, Digital, Ethernet, RJ-45, USBAnalog, Digital, RS-232, RS-485, DB9Analog, Digital, Serial, RS-232, RS-485, DB9, UARTAnalog, Digital, Serial, RS-232, RS-485, DB9, UART, USBAnalog, Ethernet, Serial, RS-485CANCAN, COM, LAN, RJ45, RS-232/485, USB, Wifi
Power - Output
-157dBm6.3mW ~ 25mW40mW65mW100mW200mW250mW400mW500mW770mW800mW1W
Data Rate (Max)
-CAT M1, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, IranCAT4-EX, Europe, IndiaCAT4-NAX, North AmericaDNP3, Modbus TCP, MQTT, VPNData ExtractionIP20IP22IP30IP40IP51IP55
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