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Adafruit Industries LLCAlpenglow IndustriesAnalog Devices Inc.ArduinoArshon Technology Inc.Bantam ToolsBeagleBoard by Seeed StudioBrady CorporationCANADUINO®Chip Quik Inc.CircuitMessCirrus Logic Inc.
-*96BoardsActivityBotAdaBoxAnalog DiscoveryArdumotoARDXASLK PROAVR® ATmegaAVR® ATxmegaBare Conductive
BagBoxBulkElectronic DeliveryRetail PackageTape & Box (TB)
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Part Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Kit Type
-Calibrated KitCodingComplianceComponentsDiagnostic KitFiber OpticIntermediate KitMCUMotion KitPhysical ScienceProject Kit
Main Purpose
-ARX Student PackageAccessories KitAdjustable LED FlasherAdventures in Fiber OpticsAnalog DesignAnalog/Digital KitAnalog/DigitalArcade Game KitArduino (Included)Audio AmplifierAudio Control
Interconnect System
-Arduino MEGA R3 ShieldArduino MEGA R3 Shield, GravityArduino MKRArduino R3 ShieldArduino R3 Shield, GravityArduino R3 Shield, GroveArduino R3 Shield, Intel Edison, GroveArduino R3 Shield, QwiicArduino R3 Shield, Raspberry Pi HAT (26 pin)Arduino R3 Shield, TinkerKitBeagleBone Cape
Suggested Programming Environment
-ArdublockArduino CreateArduino IDEArduino IDE, AVRdudeArduino IDE, ArduBlockArduino IDE, BlocklyArduino IDE, Circuit PythonArduino IDE, Circuit Python, Microsoft MakeCodeArduino IDE, ESP32 IDFArduino IDE, Eclipse IDE, Intel XDKArduino IDE, Eclipse IDE, LUA, Javascript
Utilized IC / Part
-AD7992, SC18IM700AD9613, AD9746AD9767, LTC2145-14, LTC3615AD9767, LTC2185, LTC3615AM3358BZCZAMG8833, BME280, CCS811, MT7688AN, VL53L1XAPA102, BMP280, HT16K33, QT1070ATSAMD21ATSAMD21, ATWINC1500ATSAMD21G18ATSAMD51
Included MCU/MPU Board(s)
-Adafruit CLUEAdafruit Feather 32u4 AdaloggerAdafruit Feather HUZZAHAdafruit Feather HUZZAH32Adafruit Feather M0 WiFiAdafruit HUZZAH32Adafruit HalloWingAdafruit ItsyBitsy M4Adafruit MENTAAdafruit MetroAdafruit Trinket 5V
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