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3M4D LCD Pty Ltd4D Systems Pty LtdAdafruit Industries LLCAdvantech CorpAmerican Bright Optoelectronics Corporationams-OSRAM USA INC.Amulet Technologies LLCArduinoAZ DisplaysAzumoBergquist
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Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Display Type
-CSTN - Color Super-Twisted NematicDFSTNFFSTN - Double Film Super-Twisted NematicFSTN - Film Super-Twisted NematicIPS (In-Plane Switching)LCDLCD - ColorLCD - MonochromeMonochromeOLEDOLED - Passive Matrix
Display Mode
-Normally BlackPassiveReflectiveReflective, Transflective, TransmissiveTransflectiveTransmissive
-CapacitiveCapacitive, Non-Touch, ResistiveCapacitive, ResistiveNon-TouchResistive
Diagonal Screen Size
0.49" (12.45mm)0.6" (15.24mm)0.66" (16.76mm)0.68" (17.27mm)0.69" (17.53mm)0.7" (17.78mm)0.71" (18.03mm)0.8" (20.32mm)0.84" (21.34mm)0.9" (22.86mm)0.91" (23.11mm)0.95" (24.13mm)
Viewing Area
10.54mm W x 14.70mm H10.80mm W x 21.70mm H11.18mm W x 5.58mm H11.40mm W x 22.27mm H11.73mm W x 11.73mm H11.86mm W x 22.74mm H12.14mm W x 16.30mm H12.58mm W x 6.58mm H12.90mm W x 9.90mm H13.20mm W x 26.99mm H13.42mm W x 10.06mm H13.90mm W x 10.60mm H
-CCFLELEL - Blue/GreenEL - GreenLEDLED - AmberLED - BlackLED - BlueLED - GreenLED - Green/RedLED - Green/Yellow
Dot Pixels
32 x 12836 x 2450 x 1652 x 3664 x 164 x 12864 x 3264 x 4864 x 6480 x 16080 x 4884 x 48
4-Bit/9-Bit/16-Bit/19-Bit, Parallel, SPI6-Bit (RGB), Digital6-Bit (RGB), Parallel, SPI6-Bit, LVDS, USB6-Bit, TTL6-Bit/8-Bit, LVDS6/8-Bit, I2C, LVDS6/8-Bit, LVDS6/8-Bit, LVDS, USB8-Bit, I2C, SPI8-Bit, LVDS8-Bit, LVDS, USB
Controller Type
80W32-A94-01415U-100A94-23030-600ADV7611AIP31108Aip31565CRATSAMD21, Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32BT817BT817QBT817Q (TFT), ILI2132A (CTP)BT817Q (TFT), ILI2312A (CTP)
Graphics Color
-BlackBlack (Blue - Inverted)Black (Gray - Inverted)Black (Green - Inverted)Black (Red - Inverted)Black (Red/Green/Blue - Inverted)Black (White - Inverted)Black (Yellow - Inverted)Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, YellowBlack, RedBlack, Red, White
Background Color
-AmberBlackBlack (Blue - Inverted)Black (White - Inverted)Black (Yellow - Inverted)BlueBlue (Black - Inverted)Blue (White - Inverted)GrayGray (Black - Inverted)Gray (Blue - Inverted)
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