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Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Number of Inputs and Type
1 - Analog1 - Digital2 - Analog2 - Digital3 - Analog3 - Digital4 - Analog4 - Digital4 - Digital (2), Analog (2)4 - Digital (3), Analog (1)5 - Analog5 - Digital
Number of Outputs and Type
1 - Analog1 - Digital2 - Analog2 - Analog (1), Relay (1)2 - Digital2 - Relay2 - Solid State3 - Digital3 - Relay3 - Solid State4 - Analog4 - Digital
1 Module Max2 Modules Max3 Modules Max5 Modules Max7 Modules Max8 Modules Max10 Modules (1 Rack) Max10 Modules (2 Racks) Max11 Modules Max12 Modules Max13 Modules Max14 Modules Max
Voltage - Supply
3.6 ~ 5.3VDC5VDC6.3 ~ 50VDC7.5VDC10 ~ 28.8VDC10 ~ 30V10 ~ 30VAC10 ~ 30VDC10 ~ 50VDC10.4 ~ 14.4VDC10.8 ~ 28.8VDC10.8 ~ 36VDC
Display Type
-LCD - Black CharactersLCD - Black Characters, BacklightLCD - Black Characters, Green BacklightLCD - Blue Characters, BacklightLCD - Dual Color CharactersLCD - Tri Color Characters, BacklightLCD - White Characters, BacklightLCD - White Characters, Blue BacklightLCD, BacklightLED - Dual Color CharactersLED - Red CharactersLED - Tri Color Characters, BacklightNo Display
Number of Characters Per Row
23455, 58, 68, 6, 4, 48, 812, 12, 12, 1216, 16, 16, 1618, 18, 18, 18-
-BACnet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet, KNX IP, Modbus, MQTT, RJ45BACnet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTTBACnet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTT, PROFIBUS, RS-232, RS-485BACnet, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTT, PROFIBUS, RS-232, RS-485, Telecontrol ProtocolsBACnet, CANopen, Ethernet, Modbus, RJ45, USBBACnet, CANopen, Ethernet, Modbus, RS-485, USBBACnet, CANopen, Modbus, RS-485, USBBACnet, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTT, RS-232, RS-485BACnet, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTT, RS-232, RS-485, Telecontrol ProtocolsBACnet, EtherCAT, Ethernet, Modbus, MQTT, Telecontrol ProtocolsBACnet, Ethernet, Modbus
Memory Size
256 Bits/64 Words368 Bits/200 Words1K Words1.6K Words2K Octets2K Words2.5K Words3K Words4K Words5K Words6K Words8K Words
Mounting Type
-BackplaneChassis MountChassis Mount, DIN RailDIN RailPanel Mount
-Battery BackupBattery Backup (Lithium)Battery Backup (Lithium), Starter Kit: Module, Communications Module, Power SupplyBattery Backup (Lithium), Starter Kit: Module, Expansion Module, Power SupplyBattery Backup (Lithium), Starter Kit: Module, Power SupplyBattery Backup (Lithium), Starter Kit: Module, Power Supply, Software, USB CableBattery Backup (Lithium), Starter Kit: Module, Software, USB CableFull Featured, Smart Function Block Programming for Automation, Logic, Motion and Systems Internet Accessible for IIoT Solutions.High Speed Counter, PID ControlHMI, 1 I/O Module, Mounting KitHMI, 2 I/O Modules, Mounting Kit
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