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ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp.Abracon LLCAillenAllied Components InternationalAmgis, LLCAnalog Devices Inc./Maxim IntegratedArlitech Electronic Corp.Bourns Inc.Cal-Chip Electronics, Inc.Central TechnologiesChemi-ConChilisin Electronics
-BagBookBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®StripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
-CeramicDrum CoreDrum Core, WirewoundMoldedMultilayerPlanarPowdered Iron CoreThick FilmThin FilmToroidalWirewound
Material - Core
-AirAlloyAlloy PowderAluminaCarbonyl PowderCeramicCeramic, FerriteCeramic, Non-MagneticFerriteHigh SaturationIron
0.1 nH200 pH0.2 nH0.3 nH300 pH0.33 nH0.39 nH400 pH0.4 nH450 pH0.47 nH0.5 nH
-40%, +20%-30%, +50%-25%, +20%-20%, +25%-20%, +30%-20%, +40%-20%, +50%-15%, +20%-15%, +25%-12%, +30%-10%, +50%±0.05nH
Current Rating (Amps)
0.036 mA0.118 mA120 µA0.128 mA0.13 mA0.136 mA150 µA0.156 mA0.164 mA0.17 mA0.193 mA0.202 mA
Current - Saturation (Isat)
DC Resistance (DCR)
0.04mOhm0.05mOhm0.09mOhm0.1mOhm0.1mOhm Max0.103mOhm0.105mOhm0.114mOhm0.12mOhm0.12mOhm Max0.125mOhm0.13mOhm Max
Q @ Freq
0.64 @ 800kHz0.85 @ 800kHz1 @ 200MHz1.2 @ 800kHz2 @ 100MHz2 @ 800kHz2.6 @ 800kHz2.8 @ 800kHz3 @ 100kHz3 @ 100MHz3 @ 1MHz3.1 @ 1MHz
Frequency - Self Resonant
Operating Temperature
-60°C ~ 85°C-55°C ~ 100°C-55°C ~ 105°C-55°C ~ 120°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 130°C-55°C ~ 140°C-55°C ~ 145°C-55°C ~ 150°C-55°C ~ 155°C-55°C ~ 165°C-55°C ~ 180°C
Inductance Frequency - Test
1 Hz120 Hz1 kHz2 kHz2.52 kHz3 kHz4 kHz5 kHz6 kHz7 kHz7.9 kHz7.96 kHz
2 Phase3 Phase4 Phase5 Phase6 Phase-Choke Coils for PFC (Pin Terminal Type)Drum Core, High Current, Low DCRDrum Core, Power InductorFlat WireFlat Wire, High CurrentFlat Wire, High Current, Soft Saturation
Mounting Type
-Bolt MountBracketsChassis MountFree Hanging (In-Line)Surface MountThrough HoleUser Defined
Package / Case
2-DIP2-SMD2-SMD, Gull Wing2-SMD, J-Lead3-SMD3-SMD, Gull Wing3-SMD, J-Lead4-SMD4-SMD, J-Lead8-DIP Module8-SMD, Gull Wing10-DIP (0.400", 10.16mm)
Supplier Device Package
2-DIP2-SMD2-SMD, J-Lead3-SMD4-SMD8-SMD8-SMT10-DIP10-SMT02010201 (0603 Metric)0302
Size / Dimension
0.016" L x 0.008" W (0.40mm x 0.20mm)0.017" L x 0.009" W (0.44mm x 0.24mm)0.019" L x 0.011" W (0.47mm x 0.28mm)0.021" L x 0.016" W (0.53mm x 0.40mm)0.023" L x 0.018" W (0.58mm x 0.46mm)0.024" L x 0.012" W (0.60mm x 0.30mm)0.024" L x 0.012" W (0.61mm x 0.31mm)0.024" L x 0.013" W (0.60mm x 0.33mm)0.025" Dia x 0.050" L (0.64mm x 1.27mm)0.026" L x 0.014" W (0.65mm x 0.35mm)0.030" L x 0.030" W (0.75mm x 0.75mm)0.031" L x 0.016" W (0.80mm x 0.40mm)
Height - Seated (Max)
0.009" (0.22mm)0.009" (0.23mm)0.010" (0.26mm)0.011" (0.28mm)0.012" (0.30mm)0.012" (0.31mm)0.013" (0.32mm)0.013" (0.33mm)0.014" (0.35mm)0.015" (0.37mm)0.016" (0.40mm)0.017" (0.42mm)
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