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Abracon LLCAillenCornell Dubilier / Illinois CapacitorCornell Dubilier KnowlesEaton - Electronics DivisionElectrocubeEPCOS - TDK ElectronicsGalco Industrial ElectronicsGE CapacitorInventus PowerKEMETKnowles Dielectric Labs
-BagBookBottleBoxBulkCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageStripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
33 pF39 pF47 pF51 pF56 pF62 pF68 pF71 pF75 pF82 pF91 pF100 pF
-15%, 0%-15%,+5%-5%, +10%-5%, +15%-1%, +5%0%, +10%0%, +15%±0.25pF±1%±2%±2.5%±3%±3.5%±5%
Voltage Rating - AC
Voltage Rating - DC
Dielectric Material
-Acrylic, MetallizedAcrylic, Metallized - StackedPaper, MetallizedPlastic, MetallizedPolycarbonate (PC), MetallizedPolyesterPolyester, MetallizedPolyester, Metallized - StackedPolyester, Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN), MetallizedPolyester, Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN), Metallized - StackedPolyester, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
0.1 mOhms0.2 mOhms0.3 mOhms0.4 mOhms0.5 mOhms0.6 mOhms0.62 mOhms0.7 mOhms0.75 mOhms0.78 mOhms0.8 mOhms0.81 mOhms
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 100°C-55°C ~ 105°C-55°C ~ 110°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 135°C-55°C ~ 140°C-55°C ~ 150°C-55°C ~ 70°C-55°C ~ 75°C-55°C ~ 85°C-55°C ~ 90°C-50°C ~ 105°C
Mounting Type
-Chassis MountChassis Mount, Requires Holder/BracketChassis, Stud MountSurface MountThrough Hole
Package / Case
2-DIP6-DIP6-SMD, Gull Wing8-DIP8-SMD, Gull Wing8-WSSOP, 8-MSOP (0.110", 2.80mm Width)10-DIP10-SMD, Gull Wing12-DIP14-DIP14-SMD, Gull Wing16-DIP
Size / Dimension
0.063" L x 0.031" W (1.60mm x 0.80mm)0.063" L x 0.032" W (1.60mm x 0.81mm)0.079" L x 0.049" W (2.00mm x 1.25mm)0.126" L x 0.063" W (3.20mm x 1.60mm)0.126" L x 0.067" W (3.20mm x 1.70mm)0.126" L x 0.098" W (3.20mm x 2.50mm)0.126" L x 0.177" W (3.20mm x 4.50mm)0.130" L x 0.063" W (3.30mm x 1.60mm)0.130" L x 0.067" W (3.30mm x 1.70mm)0.130" L x 0.098" W (3.30mm x 2.50mm)0.177" L x 0.126" W (4.50mm x 3.20mm)0.181" L x 0.098" W (4.60mm x 2.50mm)
Height - Seated (Max)
0.028" (0.70mm)0.031" (0.80mm)0.033" (0.85mm)0.035" (0.90mm)0.039" (1.00mm)0.040" (1.02mm)0.043" (1.09mm)0.043" (1.10mm)0.045" (1.15mm)0.047" (1.19mm)0.047" (1.20mm)0.051" (1.30mm)
-ConnectorGull WingInsulated Flexible LeadsPC PinsPC Pins - Long LeadsQuick Connect - 0.110" (2.8mm)Quick Connect - 0.187" (4.7mm)Quick Connect - 0.189" (4.8mm)Quick Connect - 0.250" (6.3mm)Quick Connect, DisconnectScrew Terminal, Wire Lead
Lead Spacing
0.098" (2.50mm)0.138" (3.50mm)0.177" (4.50mm)0.197" (5.00mm)0.200" (5.08mm)0.217" (5.50mm)0.244" (6.20mm)0.256" (6.50mm)0.276" (7.00mm)0.295" (7.50mm)0.300" (7.62mm)0.315" (8.00mm)
3 Phase3 Phase, Power Factor Correction (PFC)-AudioAudio; DC Link, DC FilteringAudio; High Frequency, Switching; High Pulse, DV/DTAudio; High Frequency, Switching; High Pulse, DV/DT; SnubberAudio; High Pulse, DV/DTAutomotiveAutomotive, EMI, RFI SuppressionAutomotive; DC Link, DC FilteringAutomotive; DC Link, DC Filtering; High Frequency, Switching; High Pulse, DV/DT
-AEC-Q200AEC-Q200, X1AEC-Q200, X1, Y2AEC-Q200, X2AEC-Q200, Y1AEC-Q200, Y2X1X1, Y2X2X2, Y2Y1Y2
85C/85% Humidity85C/85% Humidity, THB, Low ESR, Low ESL, Long Life85C/85% Humidity; Low ESR, Low ESL-AC and PulseHigh TemperatureHigh Temperature, Long LifeLong LifeLong Life, Low ESLLong Life, Low ESRLow ESLLow ESRLow ESR, High TemperatureLow ESR, Low ESL
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