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Aceinna Electric Inc.ACEINNA, Inc.Adafruit Industries LLCAdvanced PhotonixAdvantech CorpAi-ThinkerAllegro MicroSystemsAMDAmphenol Advanced SensorsAmphenol All Sensors CorporationAmphenol NovaSensorAmphenol SGX Sensortech
-*#3180ACS724ADI EagleEye™AMT203AMT303AttitudeEngine™AutoDevKitAvocetAVR® ATtiny, Functional Safety (FuSa)
100 per RollBagBoxBulkCaseRetail PackageStripTape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Sensor Type
3D Radio Frequency-AccelerometerAccelerometer, 1 AxisAccelerometer, 2 AxisAccelerometer, 3 AxisAccelerometer, Barometric Pressure, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, 9 AxisAccelerometer, Capacitive Touch, PressureAccelerometer, GyroscopeAccelerometer, Gyroscope, 3 AxisAccelerometer, Gyroscope, 6 AxisAccelerometer, Gyroscope, Electronic Compass, Pressure
Sensing Range
-100kPa ~ 1000kPa-260°C ~ 1380°C-260°C ~ 1800°C-200°C ~ 350°C-200°C ~ 400°C-200°C ~ 800°C-200°C ~ 850°C-100slm ~ 250slm-64°C ~ 150°C-55°C ~ 125°C-55°C ~ 130°C-55°C ~ 150°C
1-Wire1-Wire®1-Wire® Serial1-Wire®, I2C2-Wire2-Wire Serial10/100 BaseT Ethernet-AnalogAnalog and DigitalAnalog, I2C, SerialAnalog, I2C, SPI
-161dB30ppm0.1µT0.15µT/LSB330nm, 365nm355nm365nm420nm505nm520nm530nm540nm
Voltage - Supply
0.1V ~ 26V0.9V ~ 1.5V0.9V ~ 1.8V0.9V ~ 2V1V ~ 5.5V1.08V ~ 3.6V1.1V ~ 1.3V1.1V ~ 3.6V1.14V ~ 1.26V1.2V1.2V ~ 3.3V1.25V ~ 1.32V
-NoYesYes, ASICYes, DSCYes, DSPYes, FPGA / CPLDYes, MCUYes, MCU, 16-BitYes, MCU, 16/32-BitYes, MCU, 32-BitYes, MCU, 8-BitYes, Other
Supplied Contents
-Board(s)Board(s), AccessoriesBoard(s), Cable(s)Board(s), Cable(s), AccessoriesBoard(s), Cable(s), Power SupplyBoard(s), Cable(s), Power Supply, AccessoriesBoard(s), Power SupplyBoard(s), Power Supply, Accessories
Utilized IC / Part
3U5MGXSBA4-zone Force Sensing Resistor4LS8-MSOP32KM5004999MTO2435MMFHDXSCA35MMFHDXSMA105040401-01105040402-01120MXSC
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