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Adafruit Industries LLCAllegro MicroSystemsAlpenglow Industriesams-OSRAM USA INC.Analog Devices Inc.Analog Devices Inc./Maxim IntegratedAnalog Technologies, Inc.ARTESYN / Advanced EnergyBellnix Co., Ltd.CUI Inc.Delta Electronics/CyntecDFRobot
-*ACOT®Advanced Smart Rectifier™AmpRipper 3000AMPSS®Bat-Track™, PowerPath™BDXBoostLynx™CC2000™, Piccolo™CA
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Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Main Purpose
-AC/DC ConverterAC/DC, Converter with LDOAC/DC, Non-IsolatedAC/DC, Primary and Secondary SideAC/DC, Primary and Secondary Side with PFCAC/DC, Primary SideAC/DC, Primary Side and PFCAC/DC, Secondary SideDC/AC ConverterDC/AC InverterDC/DC Converter
Outputs and Type
1, Isolated1, Isolated; 1, Non-Isolated1, Isolated; 2, Non-Isolated1, Non-Isolated2, Isolated2, Isolated; 1, Non-Isolated2, Non-Isolated3, Isolated3, Non-Isolated4, Isolated4, Non-Isolated5, Non-Isolated
Power - Output
25 mW30 mW80 mW250 mW287 mW316 mW360 mW500 mW550 mW600 mW750 mW800 mW
Voltage - Output
-250V-48V-24V-24V, -70V-19.57V-15V-15V, 5.5V, 24V-12V-12V, -12V-10V, 5V, 15V-8.5V, 13V, 27V-8V, -15V
Current - Output
0.5mA1mA1.2mA1.6mA2mA2.5mA4mA6mA9mA, 13mA10mA10mA, 500µA, 500µA15mA
Voltage - Input
-36V ~ -60V-20V-10V ~ -60V-8V ~ -60V-4.5V ~ -38V-2.3V ~ -20V-0.8V ~ -2V0.024V ~ 0.5V0.05V ~ 0.4V0.2V ~ 5V0.3V ~ 3.3V0.3V ~ 5.5V
Regulator Topology
-Asymmetrical Half BridgeBoostBoost, BuckBoost, Buck, FlybackBoost, Buck, Half-BridgeBoost, Buck, InvertingBoost, FlybackBoost, Flyback, Inverting, SEPTICBoost, InvertingBoost, Inverting, SEPICBoost, Inverting, SEPTIC
Frequency - Switching
26.3 ~ 140.4kHz50 ~ 85kHz50Hz ~ 60Hz160Hz240Hz248Hz1.2kHz11kHz16kHz, 100kHz20kHz25kHz28kHz
Board Type
Bare (Unpopulated)Bare (Unpopulated) and Fully PopulatedFully PopulatedPartially PopulatedPartially Populated - Main IC Only
Supplied Contents
Board(s)Board(s), AccessoriesBoard(s), Cable(s)Board(s), Cable(s), AccessoriesBoard(s), Cable(s), Power SupplyBoard(s), Cable(s), Power Supply, AccessoriesBoard(s), Power SupplyBoard(s), Power Supply, Accessories
Utilized IC / Part
1EDN7550B, BSC093N15NS5, XMC11002D-024-010A, 2I-048-010A2D-048-015A2D-048-015B17101050117791063215750342557, MAX17681750342779, MAX17681750342859, MAX17681750342860, MAX17681750342864, MAX17681750342878, MAX17681
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