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ams-OSRAM USA INC.Analog Devices Inc.Analog Devices Inc./Maxim IntegratedBud IndustriesDFRobotDiodes IncorporatedInfineon TechnologiesIntelMaxLinear, Inc.Microchip TechnologyMicrosemi CorporationMikroElektronika
-BBPEnpirion®FlexCapHELDO™MAVRKOPTIREG™RedyKit™Ripple Blocker™SCPStrataVIP™
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Channels per IC
1 - Single2 - Dual3 - Triple4 - Quad-
Voltage - Output
-27.58V-15V-5V-3.3V-2.5V-1.25V, -2.5V, -5V, -12V or -15V-1.22V, -2.5V, -5V, -12V or -15V0.4V ~ 5.5V0.5V ~ 1.5V0.5V ~ 4.2V0.5V ~ 4.5V0.5V ~ 5.5V
Current - Output
10mA20mA27mA30mA50mA70mA80mA80mA, 80mA100mA100mA, 100mA120mA150mA
Voltage - Input
-3.8V ~ -20V-3V ~ -16.5V-3V ~ -20V-3V ~ -36V-2.7V ~ -28V-2V ~ -5.5V-1.8V ~ -30V-1.5V ~ -36V0.6 ~ 2.2V0.6V ~ 5.5V0.7V ~ 2.2V0.7V ~ 6V
Regulator Type
-LDONegative AdjustableNegative FixedPositive AdjustablePositive Fixed and AdjustablePositive FixedPositive and Negative Adjustable
Board Type
Bare (Unpopulated)Fully PopulatedPartially Populated
Utilized IC / Part
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