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3MAccelerated Memory Production, Inc.Adam TechAirBornAirBorn, Inc.Amphenol Aerospace OperationsAmphenol CONECAmphenol ICC (Commercial Products)Amphenol ICC (FCI)Amphenol LTWAmphenol PositronicAssmann WSW Components
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ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyObsolete
Accessory Type
-Alignment RingBail ClipBail Lock AssemblyBlank PanelBracketBreakout BoxBushingCable ClampCable Clamp AssemblyCable Clamp KitCable Crimp Kit
For Use With/Related Products
955 Series970 Series5206052-3-ADK SeriesAMP-HDI and AMPLIMITE 109 Size 8 Pin ContactAMPLIMITE SeriesAMPLIMITE Series 0.050 ConnectorsAMPLIMITE Series 0.050 IIIAMPLIMITE Series Cable ClampsAMPLIMITE Series HD-20, HDE-20, HDP-20, HDP-22AMPLIMITE Series HDE
1=10pcs1=5pcs2-56, Hardware Included4-404-40, Dust Tight, Hardware Included, Lanyard, Waterproof4-40, Hardware Included4-40, Hardware Included, Lanyard4-40, Hardware Included, RS4494-40, Hardware Included, Shielded4-40, Hardware Included, Shielded, Water Resistant-Action Pin
Number of Positions
2399 ~ 159 ~ 259 ~ 379 ~ 509, 159, 15, 25, 379, 15, 25, 37, 509, 15, 509, 25
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