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-5 per PkgBagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageSpoolStripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)Tray
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyLast Time BuyNot For New DesignsObsolete
Connector Style
1.0mm1.35mm1.85mm2.4mm (APC-2.4, OS-50)2.8mm2.92mm3.5mm7mm1.0/2.31.0/3.21.6/5.62.2/5
Connector Type
-Board-InJack, Female SocketJack, Female Socket (2); Plug, Male Pin (2)Jack, Female Socket (3); Plug, Male Pin (3)Jack, Female Socket (4); Plug, Male Pin (4)Jack, Female Socket (Concentric)Jack, Female Socket and Male PinJack, Female Socket, Male Pin (Concentric)Jack, Female Socket; Plug, Male PinJack, Female SocketsJack, Male Pin
Contact Termination
-ClampCompressionCrimpCrimp or SolderIDCPress-FitPush OnScrewSolderSolder CupSolder EyeletSolder TabSolder, Microstrip
Shield Termination
-ClampCompressionCrimpIDCPress-FitPush OnScrewSolderSolder TagTwist OnWrench Clamp
0 Ohms50 Ohms60 ~ 75 Ohms70 Ohms75 Ohms78 Ohms80 Ohms93 Ohms95 Ohms100 Ohms-Non-Constant
Mounting Type
-Board Edge, Cutout; Panel MountBoard Edge, Cutout; Surface MountBoard Edge, Cutout; Surface Mount; Through Hole, Right AngleBoard Edge, Cutout; Through HoleBoard Edge, End LaunchBoard Edge, End Launch, Right AngleBoard Edge, End Launch; Panel MountBoard Edge, End Launch; Panel Mount, Right AngleBoard Edge, End Launch; Through Hole, Right AngleFree Hanging (In-Line)Free Hanging (In-Line), 45° Angle
Mounting Feature
-BulkheadBulkhead - Front or Rear Side NutBulkhead - Front Side NutBulkhead - Rear Side NutFlangePress Fit (Knurled)
Cable Group
0.81mm Coaxial Cable0.81mm OD Coaxial Cable1.13mm Coaxial Cable1.13mm, 1.32mm Coaxial Cable1.13mm, 1.37mm Coaxial Cable1.18mm Coaxial Cable1.32mm Coaxial Cable1.32mm, 1.37mm Coaxial Cable1.37mm Coaxial Cable2.33mm-2.60mm Coaxial Cable2.70mm-3.10mm Coaxial Cable3.3mm Coaxial Cable
Fastening Type
-Bayonet LockFriction LockLatch LockLocking RampPush-PullPush-TwistSnap-OnThreadedThreaded, Reverse
Frequency - Max
2 MHz3 MHz50 MHz100 MHz180 MHz200 MHz300 MHz0.3 GHz500 MHz750 MHz900 MHz1 GHz
Number of Ports
50Ohm Resistor12G-SDI-Board GuideBoard Guide, 12G-SDIBoard Guide, Code ABoard Guide, Code BBoard Guide, Code CBoard Guide, Code DBoard Guide, Code GBoard Guide, Code HBoard Guide, Code K
Housing Color
-BeigeBlackBlack, DeepBlack, GraphiteBlack, JetBlack, SilverBlueBlue, GrayBlue, LightBlue, SignalBlue, Signal; Violet, Claret
Ingress Protection
-IP20IP50IP50 - Dust ProtectedIP54 - Dust ProtectedIP61 - Dust TightIP63 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP64 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP65 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP66 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP66/IP68 - Dust Tight, Water Resistant, WaterproofIP67
Center Contact Material
-Beryllium BronzeBeryllium CopperBeryllium Copper, BrassBeryllium Copper, BronzeBeryllium Copper, Copper Tin AlloyBeryllium Copper; BrassBeryllium Copper; Nickel SteelBeryllium Copper; Phosphor BronzeBrassBrass, BronzeBrass, Phosphor Bronze
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