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-*120116013Z49-B401801ATX12BS HDATX20 HDATX20 RSATX7ATZ10
BagBoxBulkCaseCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®Retail PackageStripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)Tray
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyObsolete
Battery Chemistry
-Lead Acid (VRLA)Lithium CeramicLithium Iron PhosphateLithium PolymerLithiumLithium-Ion PolymerLithium-IonNickel CadmiumNickel Metal HydrideSealed Lead Acid (SLA)Sealed Lead Acid (SLA, VRLA)Thin Film (Lithium)
Battery Cell Size
Voltage - Rated
1.2 V1.35 V1.5 V2 V2.3 V2.4 V3 V3.2 V3.6 V3.63 V3.7 V3.8 V
Size / Dimension
0.12" Dia x 0.27" H (3.1mm x 6.8mm)0.12" Dia x 0.28" H (3.0mm x 7.0mm)0.13" Dia x 0.35" H (3.3mm x 9.0mm)0.14" Dia x 0.79" H (3.7mm x 20.0mm)0.157" Dia x 0.472" L (4.00mm x 12.00mm)0.16" Dia x 1.00" H (4.0mm x 25.5mm)0.173" L x 0.118" W x 0.043" H (4.40mm x 3.00mm x 1.10mm)0.19" Dia x 0.05" H (4.8mm x 1.2mm)0.19" Dia x 0.06" H (4.8mm x 1.4mm)0.19" Dia x 0.06" H (4.8mm x 1.5mm)0.19" Dia x 0.07" H (4.8mm x 1.9mm)0.19" Dia x 0.08" H (4.8mm x 2.1mm)
Termination Style
9 Volt Snap Fasteners-Bolt, M5Bolt, M6Bolt, M8Button Top (Extending)ConnectorFlat Top (Non-Extending)JST No. VHR-2N, Tyco. 1-480318-0JST PH ConnectorJST PHR ConnectorJST SH Connector
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