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3MAdafruit Industries LLCAdam TechAssmann WSW ComponentsBud IndustriesBulginChallenge ElectronicsCLIFF Electronic Components LtdDFRobotDIGIKEY STANDARDDigiwaveGearbox Labs
-*1/3 N1100159921002400AMPDensi-Pak®DIGI-KEY STANDARDGlidersMED BH
BagBoxBulkCut Tape (CT)Digi-Reel®StripTape & Box (TB)Tape & Reel (TR)TrayTube
Product Status
ActiveDiscontinued at Digi-KeyObsolete
Battery Type, Function
6V, Contact6V, Holder9V, Holder9V, Holder With Cover9V, Snap Connector9V, Snap Contact (Single)15V, Holder22 1/2V, Holder30V, Holder-AA, HolderAA, Holder With Cover
-Connector, SnapContact ClipContact Snap (Negative)Contact Snap (Positive)Contact Solid (Negative)Contact Solid (Positive)Contact Spring (Coil)Contact Spring (Leaf)Contact Spring and Solid ButtonHolder (Covered)Holder (Open, Cover Required)Holder (Open)Holder (Open), 2 Each-Side
Battery Cell Size
1/2A1/2AA1/3N2/3A2CR59V15V22 1/2V30V183501865020700, 21700
Number of Cells
11, 222, 3345681012-
Battery Series
13206, 1611303, 357, G-13, LR44, MS76, SR44, PX76A, V313364, 621414614616621625, F5 iButton®, V80H102512161216, 1220, 1225
Mounting Type
-Chassis MountCustomFree HangingLantern HolderPanel MountPCB, Surface MountPCB, Through HoleRivetSurface Mount
Termination Style
9 Volt Snap Fasteners9V Snap Connector-Barrel Plug, 2.1mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D.Barrel Plug, 2.5mm I.D. x 5.5mm O.D.Bump PlatesCrimp ContactJST PH ConnectorLantern ContactsPC PinPC Pin, Solder TabSMD (SMT) Tab
-Includes Cover, On-Off SwitchIncludes Cover, On-Off Switch, Water ResistantIncludes SwitchIncludes Switch, IP65 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP65 - Dust Tight, Water ResistantIP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof
Height Above Board
0.016" (0.41mm)0.031" (0.80mm)0.038" (0.96mm)0.039" (0.99mm)0.041" (1.05mm)0.050" (1.28mm)0.057" (1.45mm)0.060" (1.52mm)0.060" (1.55mm)0.061" (1.55mm)0.065" (1.65mm)0.067" (1.70mm)
Operating Temperature
-55°C ~ 105°C-55°C ~ 140°C-55°C ~ 180°C-55°C ~ 85°C-50°C ~ 145°C-40°C ~ 105°C-40°C ~ 110°C-40°C ~ 125°C-40°C ~ 130°C-40°C ~ 140°C-40°C ~ 170°C-40°C ~ 180°C
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