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Würth Electronics now offers SMD steel spacers, SMD power elements for high-current applications, and SMT terminal blocks.

SMD Steel SpacersSMD Steel SpacersProduct Page

Wurth SMD Spacers

Wurth Electronics, a fast growing manufacturer within the electronics industry offering a wide range of products, proudly introduces steel SMD Spacers. A big step in the future of electronic manufacturing and assembly, with the ability to utilize surface-mount-only processes or pick-and-place machines, these products can substantially decrease production cost and time. The spacers are available in tape-and-reel or bulk packaging using Kapton tapes or special absorption cap technology (for external thread types only) for best pick-and-place performance. Tin-plated steel spacers ensure great solderability while still maintaining high mechanical forces and torques.

Characteristics: Applications:
  • Material: Steel
  • Surface: Tin plated
  • Tightening torque: M3 (0.5 Nm)
  • Packaging: Bulk, Reel
  • Reeled types with Kapton or special absorption cap
  • Simple and fast automated assembly
  • For distances from 3 to 15 mm
  • With thread M3 open end or closed type with external thread
  • High mechanical forces and torques


  • JEDEC J-STD-020D
Part Number Description Datasheet  
9774030360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 3MM 9774030360R Datasheet Link 9774030360R Product Page
9774040360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 4MM 9774040360R Datasheet Link 9774040360R Product Page
9771050360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 5MM 9771050360R Datasheet Link 9771050360R Product Page
9771060360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 6MM 9771060360R Datasheet Link 9771060360R Product Page
9771080360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 8MM 9771080360R Datasheet Link 9771080360R Product Page
9771100360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 10MM 9771100360R Datasheet Link 9771100360R Product Page
9771120360R ROUND STANDOFF M3 STEEL 12MM 9771120360R Datasheet Link 9771120360R Product Page

SMD Power Elements – For High-Current ApplicationsSMD Power Elements Product Page

Wurth SMD Power

SMD Power Elements by Wurth Electronics combine the advantages of SMD mounting in conjunction with high-current technology. These products can be mounted fully automatically with pick-and-place to the circuit board with all other SMD components, thus affording fast and uncomplicated processing. Tape- and-reel packaged parts will be available soon. Connection points spanning a large area of the pad result in low contact resistance and low self-heating. With industrial operating temperature up to +155°C. Depending on the layout, currents of up to 50A are possible. At the same time, the components have very high retention forces and torques.

Characteristics: Features:
  • Material: Brass
  • Surface: Tin plated
  • Heat Resistant: up to +155 °C
  • Tightening torque: M3 (0.5 Nm), M4 (1.2 Nm)
  • Packaging: Bulk, Reel
  • Current Rating: max. 50 A (20 °C)
  • Simpler and faster automated assembly
  • Lower initial time and cost
  • Low resistance and self-heating
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Small footprint
  • High mechanical forces and torques
Part Number Description Screw Size Termination Datasheet  
7466103 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466103 Datasheet Link 7466103 Product Page
7466104 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466104 Datasheet Link 7466104 Product Page
7466203 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466203 Datasheet Link 7466203 Product Page
7466204 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466204 Datasheet Link 7466204 Product Page
7466113 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466113 Datasheet Link 7466113 Product Page
7466114 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466114 Datasheet Link 7466114 Product Page
7466213 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466213 Datasheet Link 7466213 Product Page
7466214 POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466214 Datasheet Link 7466214 Product Page

Tape and Reel

Part Number Description Screw Size Termination Datasheet  
7466003R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466003R Datasheet Link 7466003R Product Page
7466004R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466004R Datasheet Link 7466004R Product Page
7466103R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466103R Datasheet Link 7466103R Product Page
7466104R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466104R Datasheet Link 7466104R Product Page
7466203R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M3 Solder 7466203R Datasheet Link 7466203R Product Page
7466204R POWER ELEMENT BUSH M4 Solder 7466204R Datasheet Link 7466204R Product Page

WR-TBL SMT Series 7097 – 5.00 mmWR-TBL SMT Series Product Page

Wurth SMT Terminal Blocks

Wurth Electronics now offers Horizontal Entry SMT terminal blocks with pressure clamp in a 5.00 mm pitch. These terminal blocks can withstand industrial operating temperatures of -40°C up to +115°C. The UL certified blocks can be used with 30-14 AWG and are available in 2-8 pin models for up to 6A current ratings. Packaging for the SMT WR-TBL’s is tape-and-reel with cap for pick-and-place assembly ease. Reflow is the recommended soldering profile.


  • Flammability rating: UL94-VO
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +115°C
  • Lead free and RoHS compliaaint
  • Current Rating: 6 A
  • Working Voltage: 300 VAC
  • Withstanding Voltage: 1.6 kVAC
  • Contact resistance: 30 mOhm maximum
  • Pitch: 5.00 mm
Part Number Description Datasheet  
691709710302 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710302 Datasheet Link 691709710302 Product Page
691709710303 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710303 Datasheet Link 691709710303 Product Page
691709710304 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710304 Datasheet Link 691709710304 Product Page
691709710305 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710305 Datasheet Link 691709710305 Product Page
691709710306 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710306 Datasheet Link 691709710306 Product Page
691709710308 TERMINAL BLOCK SMT 691709710308 Datasheet Link 691709710308 Product Page
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