MT-A and MT-E Series DC/DC Converters

Kaga Electronics/Volgen introduces a wide-range of DC/DC converters

Image of Volgen/Kaga Electronics' MT-A and MT-E Series DC/DC ConvertersKaga Electronics/Volgen would like to introduce its line of wide-range input board level DC/DC converters. The MT-A and MT-E series are available in 5 W to 20 W versions. All have wide 4:1input range covering from 9 VDC to 75 VDC input. The 10 W and 20 W power supplies have the same configuration and pin-out making the next power level a drop in replacement. Operating temperature can be as high as 105°C. The units are in a metal case for heat dissipation and good EMI characteristics. These units are appropriate for applications requiring high reliability, elevated operating temperatures, and stable operating characteristics.

  • Metal case
  • Isolated outputs
  • Up to 105°C operation
  • Wide range 4:1 input
  • Overload and short circuit protection

MT-A and MT-E

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
MT10A-2405SI-W datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 2000MA 10WMT10A-2405SI-WCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 2000MA 10W82 - Immediate
MT10A-2405SI-W product page link
MT10A-2412SI-W datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 830MA 10WMT10A-2412SI-WCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 830MA 10W74 - Immediate
MT10A-2412SI-W product page link
MT5A-2405SI-W datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 1000MA 5WMT5A-2405SI-WCONV DC/DC 5V OUT 1000MA 5W0MT5A-2405SI-W product page link
MT5A-2412SI-W datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 470MA 5WMT5A-2412SI-WCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 470MA 5W0MT5A-2412SI-W product page link
MT10A-4812SI-W datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 830MA 10WMT10A-4812SI-WCONV DC/DC 12V OUT 830MA 10W0MT10A-4812SI-W product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29