TFBR4650 Infrared Transceiver

Vishay’s TFBR4650 is one of the smallest IrDA® compliant transceivers currently available

Image of Vishay Semiconductor Opto's TFBR4650 Infrared Transceiver Vishay Semi Opto's TFBR4650 supports data rates up to 115 kbit/s. The transceiver consists of a PIN photodiode, infrared emitter, and control IC in a single package. When operated at a clean low impedance power supply, the TFBR4650 needs only one additional external component when the IRED drive current should be minimized for minimum current consumption, according to the low power IrDA standard. When combined operation in IrDA and remote control is intended, no current limiting resistor is recommended. However, depending on the entire system design and board layout, additional components may be required. When long wires are used for bench tests, the capacitors are mandatory for testing rise or fall time correctly.

  • Compliant with the IrDA physical layer IrPHY 1.4 (low power specification, 9.6 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s)
  • Link distance: 30 cm / 20 cm full 15° cone with standard or low power IrDA, respectively. Emission intensity can be set by an external resistor to increase the range for extended low power spec to >50 cm
  • Typical transmission distance to standard device: 50 cm
  • Small package (L x W x H): 6.8 mm x 2.8 mm x 1.6 mm
  • Low current consumption: 75 μA idle at 3.6 V
  • Shutdown current: 10 nA typical at 25°C
  • Operates from 2.4 V to 5.5 V within specification over a full temperature range from -25°C to +85°C
  • Split power supply, emitter can be driven by a separate power supply not loading the regulated (U.S. pat. no. 6,157,476)
  • Qualified for lead (Pb)-free and Sn/Pb processing (MSL4)
  • These components have not been qualified according to automotive specifications


  • Mobile phones
  • PDAs

TFBR4650 Infrared Transceiver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionData RateVoltage - SupplyIdle Current, Typ @ 25°CAvailable QuantityView Details
TFBR4650-TR1 datasheet linkTXRX IRDA 9.6 TO 115.2KBIT 7-SMDTFBR4650-TR1TXRX IRDA 9.6 TO 115.2KBIT 7-SMD115.2kbps (SIR)2.4V ~ 3.6V75µA100 - Immediate
TFBR4650-TR1 product page link
Published: 2018-11-08