S Series BMF Resistors

Vishay Foil's resistors deliver high reliability, long lifetimes, stable operation in harsh conditions, and instantaneous thermal stabilization time

Image of Vishay Precision Group's S Series BMF ResistorsVishay Foil Resistors announced the improved S series of high-precision Bulk Metal® foil (BMF) resistors, which provide a military-grade typical TCR of ±2 ppm/°C from -55°C to 125°C, 25°C ref., tolerance of ±0.005%, and load life stability of ±0.005% for more than 10,000 hours.

The S series comprises 12 model numbers with resistance values from 0.5 Ω to 1 MΩ, with any resistance value available at any tolerance within the resistance range at no additional cost or lead time effect. The devices are rated for power levels up to 2 W at 70°C and can withstand electro-static discharges (ESD) in excess of 25 kV. Rise time for the S series devices is a nearly immeasurable 1 ns without ringing.

Devices in the S series are built to handle unconventional environmental conditional conditions with minimal drift, making them well suited for military/space applications according to EEE-INST-002 specifications and MIL-PRF 55182. The ultimate resistor component for analog applications, the construction of S series resistors guarantees a high level of reliability, stable operation in harsh conditions, and high resistance to thermal shock, mechanical shock, and vibrations. Each S series resistor undergoes a short time overload test of 6.25 times the rated power during the manufacturing process.

S Series BMF Resistors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
Y0785500R000T9L datasheet linkRES 500 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0785500R000T9LRES 500 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL743 - Immediate
Y0785500R000T9L product page link
Y0785100R000T9L datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0785100R000T9LRES 100 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL646 - Immediate
Y0785100R000T9L product page link
Y07851K00000T9L datasheet linkRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY07851K00000T9LRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL515 - Immediate
Y07851K00000T9L product page link
Y0007350R000T9L datasheet linkRES 350 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0007350R000T9LRES 350 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL479 - Immediate
Y0007350R000T9L product page link
Y0007120R000T9L datasheet linkRES 120 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0007120R000T9LRES 120 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL325 - Immediate
Y0007120R000T9L product page link
Y078510K0000T9L datasheet linkRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY078510K0000T9LRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL261 - Immediate
Y078510K0000T9L product page link
Y000710R0000A9L datasheet linkRES 10 OHM 0.6W 0.05% RADIALY000710R0000A9LRES 10 OHM 0.6W 0.05% RADIAL1656 - Immediate
Y000710R0000A9L product page link
Y0007100R000T9L datasheet linkRES 100 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0007100R000T9LRES 100 OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL484 - Immediate
Y0007100R000T9L product page link
Y000710K0000T9L datasheet linkRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY000710K0000T9LRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL279 - Immediate
Y000710K0000T9L product page link
Y0062100K000T9L datasheet linkRES 100K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0062100K000T9LRES 100K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL192 - Immediate
Y0062100K000T9L product page link
Y0007100K000T9L datasheet linkRES 100K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY0007100K000T9LRES 100K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL543 - Immediate
Y0007100K000T9L product page link
Y00071K00000T9L datasheet linkRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY00071K00000T9LRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL187 - Immediate
Y00071K00000T9L product page link
Y006210K0000T9L datasheet linkRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY006210K0000T9LRES 10K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL85 - Immediate
Y006210K0000T9L product page link
Y00621K00000T9L datasheet linkRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIALY00621K00000T9LRES 1K OHM 0.6W 0.01% RADIAL42 - Immediate
Y00621K00000T9L product page link
Published: 2012-06-29