Bulk Metal Z-Foil Wraparound Surface-Mount Resistor

VSMP series utilizes ultra high precision Bulk Metal Z-foil

Vishay Precision Group's Bulk Metal Z-Foil Wraparound Surface-Mount ResistorVishay's VSMP series provides high rated power, excellent load life stability along with extremely low TCR all in one resistor. One of the most important parameters influencing stability is the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR). Although the TCR of foil resistors is considered extremely low, this characteristic has been further refined over the years. The VSMP series utilizes ultra high precision Bulk Metal® Z-foil. The Z-foil technology provides a significant reduction of the resistive element's sensitivity to ambient temperature variations (TCR) and to self heating when power is applied (power coefficient). Along with the inherently low PCR and TCR, Z-foil technology also provides remarkably improved load life stability, low noise and availability of tight tolerance. The VSMP0603 has a full wraparound termination that ensures safe handling during the manufacturing process as well as providing stability during multiple thermal cycles.

  • Tolerance: to ± 0.01 %
  • Power coefficient "ΔR due to self heating": 5 ppm at rated power
  • Power rating: to 100 mW at + 70 °C
  • Load life stability: to ± 0.005 % at 70 °C, 2000 h at rated power
  • Resistance range: 100 Ω to 5 kΩ
  • Non inductive: < 0.08 μH
  • Voltage coefficient < 0.1 ppm/V
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) up to 25,000 V
  • Short time overload: ≤0.005 %
  • Non inductive, non capacitive design
  • Rise time: 1 ns effectively no ringing
  • Special design which reduces circuit signal distortion
  • Current noise: - 40 dB


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
Y16362K00000T9W datasheet linkRES SMD 2K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0603Y16362K00000T9WRES SMD 2K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 06030Y16362K00000T9W product page link
Y16361K00000T9W datasheet linkRES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0603Y16361K00000T9WRES SMD 1K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 06030Y16361K00000T9W product page link
Y16363K00000T9W datasheet linkRES SMD 3K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 0603Y16363K00000T9WRES SMD 3K OHM 0.01% 1/10W 06030Y16363K00000T9W product page link
Y16362K50000T9W datasheet linkRES SMD 2.5KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0603Y16362K50000T9WRES SMD 2.5KOHM 0.01% 1/10W 0603404 - Immediate
Y16362K50000T9W product page link
Published: 2011-03-15