WSBM8518 – Power Metal Strip Battery Shunt Resistor, with Molded Enclosure

Vishay announces a Power Metal Strip® battery shunt resistor featuring a molded enclosure with a 4-pin connector

Image of Vishay/Dale's WSBM8518 – Power Metal Strip® Battery Shunt Resistor, with Molded EnclosureProviding easy PCB connection to the shunt resistor assembly, Vishay's MSBM8518 allows design engineer to focus on circuit development instead of PCB connection issues.

  • Combines a high 36 W power capability in the 8518 package size with extremely-low-resistance of 100 µΩ
  • Provides increased accuracy in battery shunt applications for gas, diesel, hybrid, and electric cars and trucks, as well as electric forklifts, utility trucks, and other heavy industrial applications
  • Manufactured using a proprietary processing technique
Product Benefits
  • The WSBM8518 is a standard WSBS8518 battery shunt that includes a molded enclosure with a 4-pin automotive grade connector, providing easy PCB connection to the shunt resistor assembly
  • Extremely-low resistance values down to 0.0001 Ω
  • High 36 W power rating in 8518 package size
  • Extremely-high current rating of 600 A continuous
  • Tight tolerances to 5.0%
  • High-temperature capability to +170ºC
  • Features an all-welded construction
  • Very low inductance < 5 ηH
  • Low thermal EMF (< 3 μV/°C)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Conforms to Vishay “Green” standards
Market Applications
  • Automotive: battery management of gas/diesel, hybrid and E-car
  • Industrial: battery management of forklift, utility vehicles, large UPS systems and photovoltaic inverter systems

WSBM8518 Resistor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
RESISTOR SHUNT 100 UOHM 5% 36WWSBM8518L1000JKRESISTOR SHUNT 100 UOHM 5% 36WShunt, Battery190 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2014-07-31