IHLP® Power Inductors

Low-Profile Power Inductors

Vishay's IHLP® Low-Profile, High-Current Power Inductor is one of the most efficient surface mount power inductors on the market, with several major advantages over other conventionally wound inductors technologies. All IHLP inductors are designed and built to the AEC-Q200 automotive standard and are specifically designed for DC/DC converters, VRM, POL, and energy storage applications. When it comes to size, reliability, and performance, the IHLP inductor is the best choice for power inductor applications.

Part Number Description  
IHLP1212BZER1R0M11 1µH Shielded Molded Inductor 5A 24 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP1212BZER1R0M11 Product Page
IHLP2525CZER220M1A 22µH Shielded Molded Inductor 2.9A 135 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP2525CZER220M1A Product Page
IHLP3232DZERR33M01 330nH Shielded Molded Inductor 29.5A 2.14 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP3232DZERR33M01 Product Page
IHLP2020ABER3R3M01 3.3µH Shielded Molded Inductor 2.8A 103 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP2020ABER3R3M01 Product Page
IHLP1616ABERR47M01 470nH Shielded Molded Inductor 5A 22 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP1616ABERR47M01 Product Page
IHLP4040DZER3R3M01 3.3µH Shielded Molded Inductor 10A 14.4 mOhm Max Nonstandard IHLP4040DZER3R3M01 Product Page
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