DCM3717 Non-Isolated Regulated DC/DC Converter Module

Vicor's non isolated, regulated DC/DC converter module operates from a semi-regulated 40 V to 60 V input

Image of Vicor DCM3717 Non-Isolated, Regulated DC/DC Converter ModuleVicor's DCM3717 enables customers in datacenter, automotive, and industrial markets to quickly deploy high-performance 48 V power delivery for legacy 12 V loads while achieving significant power-system size, weight, and efficiency benefits.

The DCM3717 is a non-isolated, regulated DC/DC converter module that operates from a semi-regulated 40 V to 60 V input to generate a regulated point-of-load output voltage range of 10.0 V to 13.5 V. The DCM3717 in the SM ChiP package configuration utilizes the Vicor patented zero voltage switching (ZVS) buck-boost regulator stage followed by the Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC™).

  • 97% peak efficiency
  • Wide input range 40 VDC to 60 VDC
  • Wide output range 10.0 VDC to 13.5 VDC
  • Up to 750 W or 62.5 A continuous operation
  • Datacenter applications
  • High-performance computing (HPC) systems
  • Mild hybrid and autonomous vehicles
  • Industrial systems

DCM3717 Non-Isolated Regulated DC-DC Converter Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsVoltage - Input (Min)Available QuantityView Details
48 TO 12V 750W DC CONVERTER DCM3DCM3717S60E14G5TN048 TO 12V 750W DC CONVERTER DCM3Non-Isolated PoL Module140V101 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-08-13