DKA Series Capacitor

United Chemi-Con's DKA series capacitor is high in safety at irregular occasions and will not be destroyed even by short-circuiting

Image of United Chemi-Con's DKA Series CapacitorUnited Chemi-Con’s DKA series -40°C to +70°C electric double layer capacitors (EDLC) are unlike rechargeable batteries. The EDLC does not use chemical reactions and it stores energy solely by the physical movement of ions to the surface of activated carbon. Low degradation means it withstands millions of charge-discharge cycles. With high power density, rapid (high current) charge-discharge is possible. High charge-discharge efficiency provides output efficiency of over 95% with a power density of 1 kW/kg. The DKA series capacitor does not contain heavy metals so it is environmentally friendly. The capacitor offers high safety at irregular occasions and will not be destroyed even by short-circuiting. It is excellent for backup power applications, such as backup power for small cars and small power supplies.

  • 2.5 volts - 1,000 hours of operation at +70°C
  • Increase flexibility of module design
  • Space saving with smaller volume when moduled
  • Very low DCIR even at low and high temperature
  • RoHS compliant
  • Automatic door unlocks
  • Sliding door power supplies
  • X-by-wire
  • EPS backup
  • Onboard backup power
  • Smart meters
  • Memory backups
  • Battery backups
  • Airbag ECUs
  • Battery assist for ISS

DKA Series Capacitor

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionLifetime @ Temp.Available QuantityView Details
SUPERCAP 2.5V 50FDDKA2R5ELL500KM50SSUPERCAP 2.5V 50F1000 Hrs @ 70°C612 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2020-09-01